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    ListBox Multi-Select Issue

    When I use Shift+Click to select multiple items in a listbox, the following code is not recognizing the selected items between the first selected index and the last selected index as being selected: For i As Integer = 0 To listSongs.Items.Count - 1 Step 1 MessageBox.Show("Index of " & i &...
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    Question Printing Multiple PDF Files In Order

    Hello, I'm trying print multiple PDF files using the following code: Dim startInfo As New ProcessStartInfo startInfo.FileName = fileToPrint startInfo.Verb = "print" startInfo.Arguments = "" startInfo.UseShellExecute = True startInfo.CreateNoWindow = False Dim report As Process = New...
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    Resolved Call Web Service

    I'm trying to send a string from an XML to a ASP.NET web service, which will then convert that string to XML and saves it locally. I have everything working except for when I try to call the web service by the code below, I get the following error: The remote server returned an error: (500)...
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    Question Losing Focus of Autopostback

    When my textbox postback from the textchange event, the textbox is losing focus even though I have TextBox1.Focus() at the end of the sub. I've tried javascript as well, but it still loses focus after the second time a key is pressed. Could I get help with keeping the focus on the textbox after...
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    Request.Querystring Problems

    I'm using request.Querystring to redirect the user back to the original page after logging in. The querystring redirects them back to the orginal page, but the login session is not updating, so it redirects back to the login page. I tried a link that will go to that page, and when the link is...
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