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    CodeWiki - Ideas and feedback?

    Hey all! Hope this doesnt violate the forum rules (if it does, just delete it).. However, me and a few others are forming up to develop a wiki-based programming website, codenamed CodeWiki. The idea is to gather as much information in one place as possible, and the wiki concept allows us to do...
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    OneClick Installer exludes localization of my program

    Well, this one is kinda weird! Ive made a small program, localized in English (US) and Norwegian (Bokmål). When debugging and so on, this works perfectly, however, when ive published it through oneclick and install it, the localization doesnt work, and is always default. Meaning i cant use the...
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    [2005] MSwebDVD

    Well, im working on a DVD player using the MSwebDVD component. However, i have a problem when it comes to the mousecursor.. I want it to be visible during the first 3-5 seconds in Fullscreen mode, however, its not working.. When dvd.fullscreen = True, the cursor dissapares.. even thought...
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    webbrowser: Url-bar + enter = navigate?

    Well, im working on a webbrowser but ive run into a peculiar thing... Im trying to make it so that when you type in a address an hit enter, you will navigate to that address (I have a button that does this, but want to have both options).. So far I have Private Sub Text_KeyPress(ByVal...
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    Tabcontrol1.SelectedTab close?

    Im trying to figure out how to close an active tab but cant really figure it out.. Also, i am wondering how I can assign a context menu to the Tab-buttons only, not the whole tabcontrol? Cheers!
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    Private Sub ActiveBrowser_Navigating

    Well, im making a tabbed webbrowser (turns out to be much harder then I thought), and i have the basic features done, but now im trying to set the Browser.navigating and navigated events, and its kinda hard. Here are some relevant code: Dim Browsercollection As New ArrayList Example...
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