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    put textbox, scrollbar on the second forms

    I haven't used window forms for a while, but I believe the code you were originally using would be what you need to do in the button click event, where Form2 is the actual name of the form you created Dim frmForm2 As Form2 = New Form2() frmForm2.Show() As far as the dialog describing the...
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    put textbox, scrollbar on the second forms

    You need to create the form first I can't remember exact menu names, but something like... Project-->Add Form-->Windows Form Now you can do the GUI just like your first form Hope thats what you needed
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    authenticating users to view certain pages

    You can get the username of the person by using the Dim strUsername as string = User.Identity.Name Once you have that, you have a few options such as creating a table or two to set up the permissions and check with a simple query which is probaly your best bet if you'll have mutliple pages...
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