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    Printing a database

    Hello, I have a movie database that currently holds 168 records I was setting up the print property in my appliaction that executes a sql statment to querie all the movies to a string call Strbody. My problem is that a printed page only holds 44 records and thats what is print out, the rest of...
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    Sql statment error with apostrophe

    Well I was testing out my program for bugs an I found one... I have a text box that is used for a description of a movie, when I execute the update sql statement it accepts all characters with no errors except the apostrophe which when used it errors out. I suppose it interferes with the string...
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    Redirecting strConnection

    Hello I am fairly new at VB .net but I did manage to built myself a cool interface for a Movie database storing all the information in access using the following code to connect on form load. Private ObjOleDbConnection As OleDbConnection Private Connection As OleDbConnection Private...
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