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    Exception: "Update requires a valid InsertCommand..."

    Exception: "Update requires a valid InsertCommand when passed DataRow collection with new rows" This is the error message i got when i tried to update my database. The way i'm trying to update is by creating 2 DataRow objects and adding each to a DataTable that i filled with DataAdapters, then i...
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    Resolved Is there somewhere i can download vb .net 2005?

    i've looked all over xanadu, but i can't find a copy of visual basic .net 2005 express edition... my computer died (not a metaphor or personification; it literally died (it was alive)), so i need to download it again... does anyone know of a site that still offers this program?
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    connecting to, and updating a relational database

    ok, so i have a database with 2 related tables (one-to-many). What i'm trying to do is to connect to the database, fill 2 DataTable objects, and add them to a DataSet object. Then I would need to bind each column in the DataTables to a text box on the form, and allow the user to update the...
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    Question Connection string data source relative path

    hi, I have an MS Access database and i'm trying to connect to it in vb .net. My question: Is there a way to provide a relative path to a database in the connection string? the problem is that when I move the db and app, the path is no longer valid. I read something about using "|DataDirectory|"...
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