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    Working with control values in a collection

    During my form_load event I create a series of progressbars and labels for each server listed in a XML file. I figured out how to change the text property of the label controls using: For Each control In gbServerNames.Controls 'Check control name to update correct label controlname =...
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    Changing Dynamic Controls at Runtime

    Hello, I was wondering how to change the text of a label at runtime after it was created using the Controls.Add function. Since i am using dynamic values to create these controls i dont know the name of the control until after it has been created. For Example: I Use this code to create...
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    Create Edit Remove items in a XML File

    I was wondering if anyone had some good sites i could visit to read up on the XML namespace. I've been having a lot of trouble writing a program to read from a xml file edit items in that file and delete items in that file. I know im such rookie, it seems so simple with the XML...
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    Getting Outlook Contact Counts

    I wanted to get a list of all my MS Exchange users and their contact counts. I found code from the MSDN to get contact counts but thats just for my session. Is it possible to get all users contact counts? Here is the code i found: Public Sub get_count() ' Create Outlook application. Dim...
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    How do you pass parameters to a .exe?

    Hi, I was wondering how you pass parameter's to a exe. My goal is to create a scheduled task that runs once a day and executes certain functions based on the parameters being passed to the exe. For example: If my program is called MyApp.exe and i have 2 Sub's called Start() and...
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