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    Purchase Order & Others

    Hi, Can you recomend me a book, tutorial or link where I can have an insight in how to do the following: 1- Create a purchase order, exporte it to excel and the storage it into a database. 2- Add data into a combo box linked to a table. 3- How to past the data clicked in a grid control to...
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    application just does not add

    ufffffffffff !!!! man .... you guys are going to laugh .... but I have to ask this question because I've been trying to figure it out for more than 6 hours already. I'm doing a application (for my class) that requires me to add a item that is keyed from a text box to a list box. I got that...
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    Change a Button Color with code

    Hi everybody, I'm developing an application that when you click a button, the color of it changes to red. When I used vb6 in the past I wrote a procedure like this: btnTaxes.BackColor = Vbred In is different and it tells me that the "Vbred" has not been not declared. Also, can...
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