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    Saving back to an Access database

    This is still driving me mad: I've written a Windows form application in Visual Studio 2017. It contains several forms displaying Dataviewgrids. These get their information from a Microsoft Access database using a DBControl class as follows: mports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.IO Public...
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    Visual Studio problem

    For some reason I can no longer start my program with debugging. It will start without debugging, but in looking at why it wasn't performing as expected, it appears that all textboxes on a form suddenly have the same name (which I thought was impossible). When I open the properties window and...
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    Question Displaying information on a windows form.

    I always thought that a program read and executed instructions in the order in which they were written; but I'm finding that in my current experimental program it reads all of the code in a procedure and then does the execution. Let me explain: I have a windows form on which there are quite a...
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    Question Changing colors in code

    Can anyone help? I'm writing an application that keeps track of pupils in my small music school. Everything's working apart from one small thing that I can't seem to solve. Pupils pay for four lessons at a time so it was easy to take the start date and add 28 days to get the renewal date. Also...
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