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    Issue with error handling in callback

    New to asynchronous calls, in this case using a call back. The code below works. The code is calling a rather rudimentary web service which returns xml. If the service returns xml the code works fine and msresponse is filled with the xml and the funcion "GetWebserviceData" is able to return, to...
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    Using a string name to return a type in an assembly

    I've done some more research and found that this line: Dim type1 As Type = System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadWithPartialName("DLL.Report").GetType("DLL.Report.ListData") It returns a sytem.type in the variable type1, not type DLL.Report.ListData. Within that variable are two properties...
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    Using a string name to return a type in an assembly

    Hi, I'm not great with reflection and I hope I chose the right category. I have an interesting problem. I have written a report using devexpress reports. This involves a line of code like this: lxListData = New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of DLL.Report.ListData) ListData is report...
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