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    Stepping through a program

    I'm trying to step through a program using the "Step Into" and I would like to do the same as F8 in Vb6. Execute the current statement and move to the next instruction. What seems to happen though, is that the rest of the code is executed. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Destroying a class

    I have a class that has timers and logic that I want to "Kill". Performing a TestClass = Nothing does not destroy it (calling it form a form). Any ideas? Thanks
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    Stored Procedure - Missing Parameter?

    Hey guys, I posted this in the ADO.NET but didn't get much response. I'm trying to run a stored procedure providing 1 input parameter and retrieving 2 output parameters. When I run this I get "Procedure or function 'MESSP_Get_PLCKitColour' expects parameter '@KitNo', which was not supplied."...
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    Timer not Firing

    I'm trying to enable a timer from a SerialPort_DataReceived event. I can see that the timer is enabled, but the event does not fire. It's rather simple, but I need some help understanding why it doesn't run the code in TimerWait_Tick. Thanks, Dave Private WithEvents Dave As New...
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