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    CMS to Create XML XLST

    Hi Folks - I want to give the user the ability to log into a CMS and create a ( form for a product. I've done some searching and the best way to do it is dynamic through XML and XLST. I can make an interface where the user can select various controls to use on the webform and have...
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    Does anyone know how they did this site?

    There is this printing site called When you go to it and select a category and quantity it takes you to a page with various options about the order... what caught my eye was the fact that the URL was the same except the query string parameters. On further investigation it...
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    .doc to .pdf conversion on Webform

    Hi Folks - I have a client that wants to be able to have users upload a word document and then he wants to be able to come behind them later and download that word document as an adobe pdf. So basically he wants me to find out a way to convert a .doc file to a .pdf file. I have limited access to...
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    changing src of iframe from server side !!!HELP!!!!

    Help! I'm trying to change the .src of an iframe from the server side and i can't figure it out. I've tried making the iframe run as a sever control then just changing it that way, but it keeps telling me that .src isn't a member of HTMLGenericControl. Please help! Thanks, Cran56
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