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    ComboBox Values

    Finaly I get to ask a simple question. I have some ComboBoxes and I want to do two things with them: 1) Make there be a value in it rather than blank then the form loads (it is populated by the properties tab rather than in the code) 2)Not allow anything other than the values in the list to...
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    SQL selecting mulitiple records

    I am try to create a data grid that will select all users with a surname that is stored in a variable that has been entered earlier. The code below is there to quickly check the database to see if there are any records of that surname, the next section which will compile a DataGrid is going to...
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    Sorting Columns

    All I want to do is get the first column from the grid created below to be in the format of last booking ref first. Can I find the resource on the web? No i can't! Any one?? SELECTS ALL BOOKINGS THAT RELATE TO THE CUSTOMER NUMBER Dim da3 As OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter = New...
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    Stoping an aplication if an error is spotted

    I have a try catch set, and if the error message box is displayed the user clicks OK and the finally statement is executed. What I'm after is to stop the application so that amendments can be made, Any ideas?
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    Filling multiple labels with data from database

    What I am trying to deicide is whether I should use multiple datareaders to store the the individual values or if I should query the data an stash it in a dataset then bind the result in set to the labels. Which one should I use and is it doable?
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    DataGrid Displays

    I think that I am in the correct place for this one. I have two questions about the display off data grids, 1) Is there any way of changing the titles of the fields displayed. For example it presently displays the field name from the DB (custID) rather than the nice Customer ID that I want it...
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    The label doesnt want to display the variable

    Hi guys/Girls, I have a variable the stores a total cost the is received from a database (Access). What I am getting is an error saying that the value type Integer can not be displayed in a label, nor a text box, in fact any method of displaying it yields no result. The code I am using is...
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    Insert Command

    I am trying to get this to run an insert into the database. I keep getting an error saying that it is missing a ;. I don't really get where that would go. Any one? The actual method works in other places of the application so it must be a syntax problem. ' Creates the OleDb connection...
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    Running Totals

    I am trying to get some values that have been stored in variables to add togeather. I have a form that calculates a total for the person before adding their personal details to a access DB. The total for the person is added to the grand total and the form is reset (not reloaded), then the...
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    sql and variables

    I am having a problem with an sql statements in my form. The DB is access and the sql is as follows: SELECT [firstname], [surname], [activityId] FROM tblTraveler WHERE [bookingID] = bookingBooking is a integer variable, I am not to sure if I have entered the variable correctly into the...
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    Data Grid for confermation screen

    I have managed to get to the point in a project where I must display a summery of a booking. The details that I have stored in an access database are as follows: First Name, Surname age and activity I need to get these to display in a data grid so that the user can confirm the booking. This...
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    Passing Variables without making them Global

    I feel that I am forever asking questions in this place and never able to help answer other peoples. Alas: I want to pass a variable from form 1 to form 2, the information that the variable is to contain is a customer number that a SQL statement has pulled out of a database for me. Having...
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    Data Reader woes!!

    Here we go again. I am in a situation where I need to retrieve a primary key auto number value from a table in my Access database. To set the scene: Attached to a button is the code to enter personal details to the table, this causes a primary key to be auto generated. Straight after that I...
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    Database update auto number field

    I am sorry to begin another thread on this, however I have a deadline that is ever approaching and I have yet to find the solution. If I run this code, I get an error stating that the amount of values that are being sent is not the same to the number of fields in the DB. The only field that...
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    ExecuteNonQuery: Connection property has not been initialized.

    I am trying to do the simplest thing in VB.NET 2005. I am tying to connect to a database and make some values write into a table (the code is below) Every time I run the application I get the error 'ExecuteNonQuery: Connection property has not been initialized.' from the...
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    Combo Boxes with Databases and Forms that do cool things

    Hi there, I am new to VB and am trying to produce a form that will read the values from a table in a MS Access DB. The values are the counties in England. I have made the connection in the form_Load sub, but am unable to find the particular coding to make the values enter themselves into the...
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