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    newbie mobile question

    can someone delete this cheers
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    configuring dev environment to run 2 pda's

    i've asked this on the MSDN Forums but nobody seems to know the answer!! so ill give it a try here Intially i had my development environment all setup and working fine for a single device. i am using vs2003, v1.1 compact framework and a Dell Axim X50 (windows mobile 2003 v4.21.1008) which...
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    use of imports

    adding imports statments simply allows you to omit full namespace prefix's eg without any imports statement i use the following Dim carColor as System.Drawing.Color with imports System.Drawing i would use the following dim carColor as Color just making it less coding, but on the...
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    What else for code reusability

    my task is to analyse our current systems and source code to identify potential areas that could benefit from either reusuable code, self-contained components. then draw up a high level spec detailing the components and code required so far i have the following classes ADOFunctions -...
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    Will Page_load fire everytime is a Master Page

    the idea was, that we have a treeview that is always present (on the master page) this is database driven dependant on the user logged in. so it would populate on page_load - but i only wanted it to run once!! anyhow we've scrapped the idea of using 2005 for this project as there are no 3rd...
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    Will Page_load fire everytime is a Master Page

    ASP.NET 2.0 query...... say i have a master page, that has a TreeView that is populated on the page load of the master page. when i select an item in the tree view it is then meant to load the corresponding page into the ContentHolder my question is, can you load the corresponding page...
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    Datagrid button's EditCommand

    here is a good article on datagrids
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    Datagrid button's EditCommand

    within the HTML source for the grid there are these events which are fired when a certain button is clicked OnItemCommand OnUpdateCommand OnEditCommand OnCancelCommand so u set these to a public sub in the code behind ie HTML OnItemCommand = "grd_GridItem" CodeBehind PublicSub...
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    What would you do???

    Recommended way to reuse Web Forms? basically, we have an webforms application that we are in the process of designing. the forms are really just shells (load of textboxes with buttons etc), with all validation & database access etc done through calls to associated classes a number of the...
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    Hiding one column in Datagrid

    there is defo a columns property for the datagrid, cause ive used it numerous times in the property builder (right click on the grid) - in there it allows you to set columns visible/invisible also do you use AutoGenerateColumns?
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    Hiding one column in Datagrid

    DataGrid1.Columns(0).Visible = false
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    Hiding one column in Datagrid

    can u not just make column 1's visible property false?
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    COMBO BOX in DataGrid

    look at using template columns within the datagrid. this allows combo boxes
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    using Team System within Excel 2003

    is there something i am missing??? i have followed these steps word for word and still cannot get the Team System toolbar to appear within Excel,vs.80).aspx i am using Office 2003 Prof Edition with SP1 applied i can get the Team System...
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    using rows in datagrid in stored procedure

    you would just loop thru the grid something like so. this is an example of an attendance grid that i had Dim grdItem As DataGridItem ForEach grdItem In grdParticpants.Items Me.Attended = CType(grdItem.Cells(1).Controls(1), CheckBox).Checked Me.TimeStamp =...
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    Click Once deployment probs

    for anyone interested i found a very good walk through article that explains the certificate/publisher in vs2005
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    How do I find out how many items have been populated into a datagrid?

    just check the dataset.datatable for the number of rows before you bind it to datagrid dataset.tables(0).rows.count or is there not a datagrid.rows.count aswell somewhere??
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    I want to show No. of records through oledbDataAdopter

    once you populate the dataset u just need to use dataset.tables(0).rows.count
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    Click Once deployment probs

    [RESOLVED] Click Once deployment probs ive been experimenting with this today and have become a bit stuck!! the app itself is just a single form windows app, that is being published to a file share location on my local machine so i've went to publish it. i created the certificate and...
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    Repopulate datagrid with button click

    yep it would have worked, cause i do something similar with a button on a modal form!
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