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    first record is missing

    I am trying to import a csv file to a data table. The function works fine except the first record is missing. I am using a schema.ini file with the following: [UWCLoans.csv] Format = CSVDelimited Col1 = GUID text Col2 = LoanNumber text Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Private Sub...
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    AES Encryption of a string

    greetings. I am trying to encrypt a string using the code below. The issue is I get this error and I have no clue (I'm just learning about encryption) what to do or even where to look. The SharedKey and the IV have been supplied as Hex values. The SharedKey is 64 bytes and the IV is 32 bytes...
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    Get XML attributes

    Good Day to all. I am having an interesting time parsing an XML file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My biggest hurdle is getting node attributes. Here is what I have as an XML example: <?xml version="1.0" ?> <ILS_BULK_EXPORT> <Loan MISMOVersionIdentifier="2.6"...
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    multiple instances of forms, same record

    Good Day. Kinda banging my head against the wall on this one. I have a Mdi application with the start form(mdiparent) and form1(mdichild). On the start form, there is a textbox and a button. Heres how I want it to work: 1. value is entered into textbox and button is clicked 2. if form1 is open...
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    Loading a treeview with objects

    Is is possible to load objects into a treeview? I know it can be done with a combo box but I haven't been able to find any code snippets that show how to do this with a treeview. I am using Visual Studio 2005 Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Convert from VBA to - AD user?

    I found the following code that is supposed to determine whether or not a user is a member of a particular Active Directory group but I am having trouble converting it to I have added the Active DS Type Library to my project references. Function IsMember(ByVal strDomain As String...
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    How to determine if a user is in a particular AD group

    Good Day. How do I go about determining if a user is in a particular Active Directory group? I have never queried or even used Active Directory before so some code samples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance Ahbenshaut
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    Directory listing

    Good day! I am trying to create a website that will list the contents of a specific directory on our network but I am unsure where to start. I'd like to use a TreeView but Visual Studio 2003 does not have one. Any help will be greatly appreciated:confused:
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    Running Executables from IIS 6.0

    Good Day! How do I configure IIS 6.0 so I can run .exe's from a URL? Here's what I'm trying to do: 1. User has URL --> 2. URL is clicked, the application is downloaded to the client PC, and executed. 3. When user is done with...
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    Randomize a string

    Good Day! I am trying to create a very simple program but I'm kinda lost. I have a simple form with a textbox, a button and a label. What I would to do is randomize the string that is entered into the textbox and display it in the label. I have never used the randomizer before and I'm having...
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    1 class, 1 dataset and 2 forms, oh my!

    Im unsure how to accomplish this so I am hoping that someone will offer up their expertise. So here goes.... On form1, dim clsSecurity as new Security A function is called in the Security class, that fills a dataset with all of the employee data. Using the dataset, a combobox is populated...
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    Searching through dataset

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening :) I am trying to loop thru a dataset to find an exisiting employee. Here's the code I'm using once the dataset has been filled: This is in a module so it can be accessed whenever: Public winUser As String = Mid(GetCurrent().Name, 9, Len(GetCurrent().Name))...
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    ComboBox Error? or Feature?

    Good day. I have a combobox that is populated with a dataset. Right now, a user has to select a value in the combobox then click a button, but what they really want to do is start to type and have the value automatically fill in. Is that possible and how is it accomplished? One of the odd things...
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    Control Box

    Is it possible to have the minimize function of the controlbox but not the Close? I don't want users closing the form using the ControlBox but I also don't want to have to create my own minimize button what to do, what to do...???
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    DataView and Datagrid TableStyles

    Good Day to everyone. I have an issue that I need help with. I have created several dataviews that are displayed in a datagrid. What I can't figure out is why the Datagrid TableStyle that I created does not work if I use a Dataview. If I bind the datagrid directly to the dataset then the...
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    DataGrid Footer

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. I have a Windows form with a datagrid on it. What I would like to do is get a count of all the rows and display them in the datagrid footer. My 2 problems are... 1. Is there a datagrid footer 2. how can I add all the rows and display them...
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    Refreshing Datagrid from another form

    Good Day. I have an application that has 2 forms. On the first form, there is a datagrid and a button. When the button is clicked, another form is opend so the user can add data to the datagrid. My question is, how can I refresh the datagrid on the First Page once the user clicks the "Add"...
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    Fire Event when the tab is clicked

    Greetings to all! I have a form that has a tab control on it. I want to load information as soon as the tab is clicked, not when the user clicks inside the tab window. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Web Service for MS Exchange

    Good day to all! I have created a application that automatically sends a notification email to employees when they are assigned a case. However, our company recently upgraded our virus software to McAffe and now the application is blocked from sending out these emails. I have talked with...
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    Windows Application Templates

    Good Day. I would like to create a Windows Application template but I cannot find any instructions to do so. I have found instructions for Enterprise Templates but they are not what I want. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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