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    load ascx user control by AJAX

    Hello, I've been trying, for the last 3 days, to load an ASCX file, using AJAX, unsuccessfully. I do as follows: 1. I have an ASPX page that use a javascript function to call a web page. 2. The webpage loads an ASCX page to itself (I tried it with a panel, div etc.) 3. The webpage now suppose...
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    SQL order by only for non empty fields

    Hi there, I have a dating website. When a user searches for members, I would like to display first, the ones with the photos (shuffled) and then the others (shuffled as well). -I can't use ---WHERE(img <> '')--- because then it won't get the ones without the photo. -If I use ORDER BY, it put...
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    Memory leak and external DLL

    Hi there, I have an external DLL (written in VB.NET) that I've created that has few classes with few public shared functions in each class. I call these function from my website in the following way (example): mydll.clsCookies.getCookieValue(param1, "param2", "param3") Because the functions at...
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    dataset in a shared class

    Thanx jmcilhinney, Ofcourse, you are right. I ment a shared variable within a public class. One (well, few) questions still remains: Does the shared variable "sit" in the cash memory? Can it slow down the whole web site significantly if it is a big dataset that I put in the shared var? Is...
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    dataset in a shared class

    Hi there, I have a web site that I've built in VB.NET, that contains few large datasets of the content of the site. I fill the dataset from the database at the home page (if it is empty!) and then keep it in a shared public class. This way, it fills only once for all the users and I save...
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