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  1. elloco999

    how to suppress error messages when using process

    Hi All, I have a small windows application that gets word documents from a source folder, prints the documents and moves the documents to a destination folder. The printing is done using the following code: Dim printProcess As New Process...
  2. elloco999

    listview in the compact framework

    Hi, I'm porting a VB.NET application to the compact framework. In my .net application I use a listview to display some data from a database. In the .NET framework application I added some columns to the listview. These columns where then shown, both in the IDE and in the application itself...
  3. elloco999

    databases and pocket pc

    Hi, I have written an application to keep track of my software collection. I would like to use this app on my PDA, so I'm converting it to a smart device application. My original app works with a access 2003 database and I want to keep the database on the PDA synchonised with the database on...
  4. elloco999

    How to make a dll?

    Hi, I have written a number of vb modules that I use in several of my applications. I would like to put these modules in a dll file, so I can simply include that in future projects. To do this, I've been looking in the MSDN, but several things are not clear to me. - There seems to be a...
  5. elloco999

    How to use application keys?

    Hi, Most applications today have some form of activation, to protect it against illegal use (user didn't pay for it). Usually the user has to enter a key when installing the application. The key is then checked against some algorithm to see if it is a valid key. I was wondering how to...
  6. elloco999

    How to get information from AssemblyInfo

    Hi, I was just wondering how I can get information from the AssemblyInfo. For instance, I entered the version number in the AssemblyInfo, how can I get the version number? I found plenty of info on how to set the version number from the code, but not how to get it... I want the application...
  7. elloco999

    how to detect the closing of a form

    Hi, I was just wondering how to detect when the 2nd form of my app closes. I have a small app that opens a second form when you click a button. In the new form, you can add some information to a text file, that is used to fill a combobox in the first form. When you click the add button, the...
  8. elloco999

    how to control a modem from VB.NET

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to control the modem (standard phone modem) in the PC, so I can let it dial pagers? For my job I need to call 1400 pagers, and recall everyone that doesn't call back every day. This is an mind numbing job, so I would like to automate it. I need the program...
  9. elloco999

    Display popup messages from system tray

    Hi, I've written an app that monitors the connection to one or more SQL servers. It gives a warning message when the connection is down. I use a standard messagebox to display the message, but I would like to use a popup message instead. (like when you plug in a USB memorystick, windows shows...
  10. elloco999

    minimizing to the systemtray

    Hi, Can anybody tell me how to minimize an application to the systemtray? I don't know if this is at all possible for a console app, but if I have to change it to a windows app that won't be a problem... Greets, El Loco
  11. elloco999

    press any key to exit

    Hi, I have a small console app that asks the user to press enter t exit. This is done, to let the user read the output before closing the app. Console.Write("Press The 'Enter' key to close the application.") Console.Read() I would like to change this, so that the user can press any key...
  12. elloco999

    using dataset to store data

    Hi, I have written a small program that gets some data from a SQL Server and uses this data to create and send an email for each record. I use a datareader to get the data from the DB (using a stored procedure). Then reading the datareader line by line I put the data in an array. After that...
  13. elloco999

    Calling a function of a sub-class when only the main class is known

    Hi, I'm trying to write a simple game. In this game the player has an inventory, that can contain several objects. An object is a class thet inherits from base class Object_Base. In OjectBase the objects name, weight and price are stored. A ligth armor is such an object. A light armor is an...
  14. elloco999

    Clear screen?

    Is it possible to clear the console screen? Like when you enter "cls" in the console it clears everything. I want to do the same from the code. Greets, El Loco
  15. elloco999

    encrypt password

    Hi, I have an application that accesses a access db. In the db is a table called tblUser. It has two fields for storing usernames and passwords. Since anyone can open the db, I want to store the passwords encrypted. I've been trying to figure out how to do this using the...
  16. elloco999

    form cannot be designed

    Hi, I have a strange problem. I designed a form and then added some functions to the class. But when I try to open the design view of the form, I get the following error: The base class 'System.Windows.Forms.Form'cannot be designed Can anybody help me with this please? Thanks, El Loco
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