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  1. Pace

    Databound label text property

    Databound label text property (RESOLVED) Hi, I have a form with a combo box... I have a label that is bound to a column that displays info based on whats selected in the combo. It looks fine when I first load the form. When I change the index of the CBO the text of the label stays the same. I...
  2. Pace

    pass params + vars to stored proc

    Hello all, Ive never done this before but hey, first time for everything and all that. VS 2005 - I have a stored procedure on my sql server set to do lots of funky stuff... Only thing is, it needs 3 variables from my app. 2 strings and a date and these need to be passed as parameters...
  3. Pace

    Access vs

    Bah! I absolutely love, I think its one of the best things to ever come from Microsoft... Im truly devestated however as my firms apps are all in access... I find access harder to use than im gutted. I just come to write a new app to introduce, all looking very sexy and...
  4. Pace

    Forum Question... Cant find where to put it

    Hi! Does Admin think that we could have a "hang out" area of the forum? I love these boards I can sit here all day reading and sharing with others but after several hours we all need a coffee and a non-tech chat. Do you think we could have one here? Just somewhere where you can ramble about...
  5. Pace

    Show form first

    Hi, If you have a multiple form application, how do you configure which opens at application start in vs2005?
  6. Pace

    update table in 2k5 (PICS)

    Hi All, I dont understand how you update a table on a database in Vb2005... Does anyone know? I have the appropriate Update statements in my .xsd file, When I call the update method of the table adapter, im not exactly sure what I am supposed to be passing here... im too used to just...
  7. Pace

    Simple Log In - Mentor

    Hi All, I have a made a log in form for a user to start using an app. Now I have a sql server with user info in I want to use to validate the user. I found a demo on codeproject, I understand the code however I dont understand the demo. Ref...
  8. Pace

    Imports Quickie

    Hi All, Im sooo falling in love with VB and programming in general... I was wondering if anyone could help me tidy up this code a bit, and I could well learn a new trick along the way... IE Imports. Please can you help? PublicClass Form1 Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form GENERATED...
  9. Pace

    Array Newbie

    Hi All, Im pretty new to arrays... I understand their general concept IE they are a place for variable's, however I am having a bit of trouble understanding the following... can anyone talk me through how this works? Dim temperatures(6) As Single Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As...
  10. Pace

    VB / VBA Printing - Choose Tray from Code?

    Hi All, I was wondering is it possible in code to write a print funtion that would take the initial page from one tray of a printer and everypage their after from another tray? I dont need the code to do this, I just need an answer as to weather or not this is possible... And if you knew...
  11. Pace

    stored procedures & (Newbie(ish))

    Hi All, Im looking for some examples on how to pass a value from a control on a form to a sql stored procedure using basically im ok with SQL, im good with VBA and im ok with I just want to start tieing the technologies together. I dont need spoon feeding, just some...
  12. Pace

    problem updating DB

    Hi all, I have a form that displays customer records... I let the user pick a record, edit it, then save the updated record to the backend... Now when you make an edit and hit save it looks fine, however the backend has not changed... if you move to another record and hit update then save...
  13. Pace

    use of imports

    Hi, Can someone briefly explain to me why you would add references to importing objects? is it so you can use the methods of that object on your form? Also say you want to do a particular task. is their a way of searching for a method to do this ? Either a link or a quick heads up...
  14. Pace

    Populating a cbo with values from table

    Populating a cbo with values from table - SOLVED Hi all, I really apologise for my noobishness here... This is a really cool forum btw :) can see me here for a bit :) but getting at my point. company uses an Access db app with a sql backend... now im kind of playing with .net particulary...
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