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  1. Thonord

    Checking for Server

    I'm trying to check if a server is present on the network I thought the client could create a non blocking socket, connect to it within a Try Catch and either get a response or an exception. The code below demonstrates my thoughts. For testing purposes I use a "Hard Wired" IpAddy where I know...
  2. Thonord

    Why square brackets [ ] in a declaration

    As in: strServer As [String] as opposed to: strServer As String?
  3. Thonord

    Ip Addys

    Greetings again, Oracles of VB.NET. I humbly approach again, carrying a query, seaking your wisdom. I'm the old Clipperhead, now an autodidact VB.NET hobby programmer wannabe. Background: I identify a user (Lets call him Charlie) if he connects to a Wifi network I am also connected to. The...
  4. Thonord

    Question How to get X&Y coord when using MouseHover and set MouseHover-time and -size sysparas

    How to get X&Y coord when using MouseHover and set MouseHover-time and -size sysparas I have information related to locations in bitmaps. I extract the info and process as needed by using the MouseClick event's e. (X&Y). Works OK, but I have discovered the MouseHover event and it seems...
  5. Thonord

    Question "skew" image

    I'm trying to "slant" a bitmap. Not rotate as in RotateTransform. Let me explain using an italics font as an example. The font is slanted at an angle, but horisontal elements remain horisontal, no matter how much the vertical elements are angled. (Look at the letter "t" in italics. The...
  6. Thonord

    Question Struggling with DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes.

    Hi,I'm an old Clipperhead and vb5+ hobby programmer - now VB.NET wannabe. I have a bundle of small grafics files, several hundreds, in a number of directories and I want to resize them, maintaining the same filenames and directory structure. I can do it in VB.NET, but my code is still in "VB5...
  7. Thonord

    Question Is it possible to disable the PictureBox Paint event?

    Or rather; control when it fires - or not - even if it wants to. I have a PictureBox (Pb) on a panel on a form, loaded with an image, much larger than the Pb. (the reason for the panel is cuz it gives auto scrollbars). 90% of operation is done with the mouse over the Pb. I'm using move, down...
  8. Thonord

    Question Locate color within a rectangle using a Graphics object.

    Hi, I'm an old retired Clipperhead, now a hobby VB programmer (starting from VB3). I am managing til conversion to .NET pretty well on my own, but I find myself often doing things "the old way" instead of using the vast resources in .NET. As an example, I would scan an area of a bitmap pixel by...
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