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  1. Arthy67

    Reading a binary file written in VB6 gives an error.

    Hi, Here I am with an other problem. In VB6 I read the binary file like this: Libero = FreeFile Open NomeFileArchivio For Binary As #Libero Get #Libero, , RitardiEstrattiPrecedentiTutte Get #Libero, , RitardiEstrattiPrecedentiSingola Get #Libero...
  2. Arthy67


    hello everyone, I've just signed up and I am a new user of Visual Basic 2019. I am a VB6 & VBScript developer for many years, but now I have to evolve ... and obviously the trouble is starting! :) Here is the first problem I don't understand how to solve. Like explainded in the Subject, the...
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