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    Hosting Server Error

    I have an ASP.Net 2.0 APP and in my computer (XP, IIS) all work fine but in my Hosting Server give me this error: Server Error in '/' Application. Configuration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please...
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    Load Report Failed

    I have two APP (Visual Basic 2005) in a Windows XP Pro machine and each APP have two Crystal Reports. In one of them all work OK but in the other I receive the error Load Report Failed in both reports. Please, what I can do to solve this? Thanks
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    Using Form Mail Scripts in ASP.NET 2.0

    I need to use a form so that, by means of a Perl or CGI script, the user can sends to my email a list of midis that wishes to buy (My site sells midi files) How I can implement this form in a page of 2.0 ? When I try, the page always postback to the same page and ignore the ACTION="...."...
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    Framework 2.0 Hosting Servers

    Somebody could recommend a good Hosting Company (Server) for ASP.Net 2.0 Web Sites? I have heard about 1PlanHost and DiscounAsp.Net. Somebody know these companies? Thanks. Is urgent for me!!
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    Posting problem

    This syntax is correct in VWD 2005? <form action="" method="post" id="pedsec" runat="server"> <input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Pedido de Secuencias"/> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="~/gracias.aspx"/> <input type="hidden"...
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    Playing a Midi File in VWD

    In Visual Studio 2003 I use this code to play a user selected Midi file and working OK but in 2005 don't work: Sub PlayMidi(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DataGridCommandEventArgs) Select Case (CType(e.CommandSource, LinkButton)).CommandName Case "Demo" Dim FColumn As TableCell =...
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    Problem building an ASP Project

    I am trying with my first ASP.NET project in Visual Web Developer 2005 but when I try to build the solution only appears in the IIS the Directory Listing of the project. Please, what is the cause? For now I only have a Base.ascx control (title, menu, date) and an Index.aspx. Thanks
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    Using VB Scripts functions in VWD 2005

    Please. how I can use this function in a VWD page? I write for old Asp and working very well but now give me a lot of errors... var strfecha="" //Array meses y días meses=["Enero","Febrero","Marzo","Abril","Mayo","Junio","Julio","Agosto","Septiembre", "Octubre","Noviembre","Diciembre"]...
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    DatetTmePicker problem

    I use a DTP to permit the user more easy select a Date. I define the Format as SHORT but when create the record the date is saved: 12/15/2005 5.36.07 PM How I can to remove the part of TIME? Thanks
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    Clickonce Info

    Why, if I use ClickOnce technology in Vb.Net 2005 to deploy an Windows APP , when run the installer don't permit the User select the instalation directory? What I am making bad or what parameter I use wrong? NOTE: Thanks but is not necesary answer because I read now in a Post of Vb.Net Forums...
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    Datagridview tablestyles?

    In VB.NET 2003 this sintax is valid: Private sub columnsFormat() Dim TSPrograms As New DataGridTableStyle TSPrograms.MappingName = "Programs" TSPrograms.AllowSorting = True Dim oID As New DataGridTextBoxColumn oID.MappingName = "ID" oID.HeaderText = "ID" oID.Width = 70...
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    Build error

    I am trying to build (debug mode) a very, very little Windows APP in VB.NET 2005 but I receive this error: The process cannot access the file 'bin\Debug\softCat.exe' because it is being used by another process The APP don't have Crystal Reports and don't have, for now, DBs. Do you can help...
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    Error when try to run an VB.Net App in a XP target Machine

    I finish an APP in VB.Net 2003 (with Setup). In my machine (XP) run without any problem but in the Target Machine (Also XP) I give this error Common Language Runtime Debugging Services ..... Registered JIT Debugger is not available. Please, check the computer settings. cordbg.exe 0xc4...
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    IIS Metabase error

    I made (only for try Visual Web Developer 2005) an ASP.NET Web site named PRUEBA with a Defaul.aspx page. If I run all from the VWD Application (F5) all OK. But if I exit from the VWD, open Explorer 6.0 and try to run the Default.aspx in the IIS (..localhost/VSN 2005/Prueba/Default.aspx), I...
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    Conversion error in Access DB

    I use an Access DB in the APP. I create an initial user and save the record with no problem but when I return and try to open the form to see the record I receive this error: Conversion from String "" to Type "Decimal" is not valid. I review the DB in Ms Access and don't have any problem...
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    Restore DB from SQL 2000 into SQL 2005

    Please, how I can to restore a DB actually in Sql Server 2000 into Sql Server 2005?. Is urgent for me. Thanks for your help!!
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    Master Detail with Datagrids

    I need to create a Master Detail Form (2 tables) with 2 Datagrids and bound fields info into texboxes when the user click in the Parent Datagrid. Please, how I can do it? Thanks.
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    Deployment VB.NET App Problem

    I need to create a Setup Project but in a separate project from the App. The Help Say: To add a project output from the File System Editor Select a target folder in the File System Editor. On the Action menu, point to Add, and then click Project Output But if I don't define the target...
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    IDE Error when working in Form Code

    VB.NET Application (2003) Some times, when I work in the the Code of any Form and run the App to try if have problems, appear this error: Could not copy temporary files to the output directory. The file 'CaritasP.exe' cannot be copied to the run directory. The process cannot access the file...
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    Problems with Insert/Update/Delete Commands in Win98

    I install an application with an Access DataBase in a Windows 98 machine The problem: when I try to use Insert, Delete, Update commands or when I try to Create or Update records usind DataTables and DataRows allways the error: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Operation must use an...
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