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    Radtabstrip control

    Hai, Anyone of u, have worked with Radtabstrip control, Radmultipleview and pageview1 control than plz. tell how to implement it.
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    Restrict few pages of my site to accessible by everyone

    I have to restrict few pages of my site to accessible by everyone, while others pages should be accessible by everyone, I have to implement Forms authentication for that and how. Plz. send me a code for that.
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    forms Authentication

    I m implementing forms authentication on my web form. In this case i enter the url the site execute and login page is the first page that display for all the pages. But i need that few pages should be accessible by anyone and prior login to "account.aspx" and few other pages should be redirect...
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    call web page from desktop application

    I have to call a web site on click of button on button control. Plz. tell me how it could be done.
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    Resolution in asp site

    Plz. help me I have to maintain the screen outlay at different resolutions. When i change the screen resolution then the site get distorted. My need is to make the site consistent at different resolutions screen Resolution could be "600X1024", "700X1024","800X1024". :confused:
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    sending mail through

    I Imports System.Web.Mail Try Dim tempmail As New MailMessage tempmail.To = "" tempmail.From = "" tempmail.Subject = "Hai" tempmail.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Text 'tempmail.Body=me SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "" SmtpMail.Send(tempmail) '...
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    Runtime Error when upload my file

    In case of asp.Net , I upload my file at webserver, But in case of typing URL, I got the specified error Runtime Error:-- Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being...
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    Crystal report in

    Plz. tell me how to make connection or use crystal report in case of I have made connection in but on clicking of button to display crystal report in crystal report viewer it again and ask for server name uid and password. If there is some other way plz. intimate it to me.
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    Create and connect database at runtime

    I have to create database at run time and connect to oracle or anyother database through coding. That autmatically new database or connect to database and create tables along with installation of application. As it done in case of demo version . How it could be done Plz. tell me...
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    change form color run-time

    :p :cool: I have to save the form color at runtime and save it at backhand. I have read the value color name from back hand through dataeader and to set the color of forms at run time. Plz. tell me how it to do.
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    Deletion of records in dataset

    I have a table having primary key. I have to fill records in datagrid and not to show primary key field in datagrid. i used dataset to fill datagrid .on click of particular row records are diplayed in textboxes. Now :p add/updation/deletion of records in textboxes is performed but not displayed...
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    datragrid records

    Datagrig is bind by dataset , table have primary key as autoincrement id and i m not calling all other fields except primary key ,now i update and delete records but datagrid is not refreshed with deleted record and updated records. :confused:
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