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    Question How to duplicate an selected row in a bound DataGridView

    Hi, I am trying to, through a context menu, give the user the ability to select a record in a dtaview grid and paste it in the grid as a new record. I have found very little on the web and the one thing that I tired errored stating that it can't copy a row into a bound grid. So if anyone has...
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    Trying to get the version numbers

    Hi, When I look in the control panel or in Properties for my Publish version I see (for major, minor, build, and Revision). However, I want to display this on a form, and I have gotten tons of different codes online and if they work at all give me, v0.2.0.1. And it never changes...
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    Can not get the report viewer to show

    Hi, When I drag the reportviewer (fom the tool box) to my form I should be able to see it, as I have seen in a number of sites; and then be able to click on the upper arrow and chose the report. However, when I drag it to the form it does not show to do this. Instead, it shows up under the...
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    How to assign a variable to a Checkedlistbox

    Hi, I have a CheckedListBox that I am trying to assign a variable to and it will not go be the code that I know to use(shown below). I know it is not going because when it opens the form the field is blank. And I checked the variable is populated, and _PID is a global variable. Any help I would...
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    Issue with new certificate in ClickOnce Manifest and publishing my application

    Hi, After issuing a new certificate in ClickOnce Manifest and publishing my application. My users are getting the following error when attempting to run the setup file. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? And what I can do? Thank you
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    Spell check for a textbox

    Hi, I am working in VS2017 and I have been trying to find how I can get spell check for a textbox that I have on a form. The user types notes in here and I need it to underline the words and then give them the ability to correct the spelling; like you would have in Word for example. I...
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    Question question on drag and drop

    Hi, I have the following code, which works great, for moving a file from a folder to a control. However, my manager want is to also work if he drags it from an email. any ideas on how I can add to this code to get it to work with an email as well. Right now they have to drag it to the desktop...
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    Drag and drop PDF

    Hi, I have been looking all over for some info on this and cannot find anything; maybe I am not asking right. However, what I am looking to be able to go to a share (externally from) my app and drag a PDF file into either a list box or a textbox; and have it display the contents of the file in...
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    trying to write to a csvfile from a data set

    Hi, I am trying to do something that I thought would be really simple, but I spent a day trying to find this and this is the best I could find and it does not work. I have retived data from SQL server and populated a data grid, not all I want to do is send it out to a CSV file. I found this...
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    Problem with a sting

    Hi I have this string that I am trying to write, but somehow I keep getting the last part wrong; it keeps saying "Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ' + ')' '." And I have tried various combinations of double and single quotas, but nothing works Dim commandString As String =...
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    Having troble with a file path

    Hi I have a copy statement in a Batch file that is coping a file from a drive on one server to a folder on another server. Looks like this: copy "\\BELLXP\c$\csp\CSP Arcive\PPSInterData\*.txt" "O:\Vendors\Heaver Data\to ID" Now this batch file works great So in my VB app I have: Dim path...
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    Problem running a SSIS package

    Hi, I have a Vb.Net application that when the user hits a button it runs a SQL Server stored procedure. that executes a SSIS package on the server. In this package it gets the data from a table on the server, then moves and renames the file to a staging table. It then moves the to the folder...
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    Question problem with an import statement and running a SSIS package

    Hi, I am trying to run an SSIS package from a VB.Net application. I looked on the net and found a number of examples that were all like the code below. Assuming that the code works, I am not able to find, in VS 2017, the :Imports Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime" statement; it seems to be...
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