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    Question Only Last Button Works

    Hi, I have created a dynamic form with an Update button. I have declared the following global variable: WithEvents btnUpdate As Button and later in a loop the following btnUpdate = New button ... Me.Controls.Add(btnUpdate) And Finally Private Sub btnUpdate_Click(sender As Object, e As...
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    Question Database command Help please

    Hi, I am currently in the process of teaching myself My first challenge was to write as program that stores order info. The app must use a centralised database and me able to run from several terminals at once. So I thought I would skip the wizard and use manual commands to connect...
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    How to Use A Database

    Hi, I am trying to teach myself VB. I am trying to create a program that stores data in a database on one form and then displays it if another form is opened and edited on another form. I have created the forms and all that stuff works, but I cant get the database to function correctly. What...
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