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    Create / Edit a resource once application is compiled

    How can i make it so when my application has been compiled, a user can press a button, and then save a file within the exe its self (thus, a resource). Or text in a text document (not a setting, because when the exe changes places on a user computer, it will loose its settings. The main need for...
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    Making my own custom web control?

    Hmm... Ok :(
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    Making my own custom web control?

    How would i go about making my own custom web control, or browser (without the microsoft IE web control or similar? I guess i would have to parse pages, but then how could i show the page? thanks :)
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    Question random numbers

    Randomiser Try this function for a random number with a specified amount of digits: Public Function Normal(ByVal Length As Integer) Dim strInputString As String Dim intLength As Integer Dim intNameLength As Integer Dim intRnd As String Dim strName As...
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    Question HTTP Posting

    I am making an app that will check the user credentials for a PHP page. But, i need 3 variables... the username, password, and a string that will tell the PHP page what the application wants doing. In this case, it should be "validate" but in other occasions it may be screenshot etc. How can i...
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    Question Overlaying Text / translucent overview over a given picture

    I am developing an Anti Cheat, and am taking screenshots every few minutes.. Now, how would i be able to do something like this: This is a competitors website, and it overlays the top...
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    String Format , only show minutes & seconds?

    Well, you could use this: DateTime.Now.ToString("mmss") Hope that helped :)
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    Take Full Screen Screenshot

    Generic GDI+ Error I know there are heaps of questions out there about the GDI+ Generic Error, but i can seem to find a fix for my problem. I am taking a screenshot every 10 seconds, save it as a .gif, encrypt it, and the save the encrypted image to a different file named with the exact time...
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    Take Full Screen Screenshot

    Sorry, but im looping this every 10 seconds, and after the first loop, it comes up with a "GDI generic Error"... any ideas?
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    Take Full Screen Screenshot

    Thank you SO much :)
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    Take Full Screen Screenshot

    How can i take a full screen screenshot, that takes from the top left hand corner, down to the bottom right corner (underneath the taskbar). I have found heaps of samplecodes, but they all just take a shot of the current open window. please help :)
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    Question Search website, return text of another webpage

    Doing something like this does not work though.. If (webDisplay.Document IsNot Nothing) Then Dim Elems As HtmlElementCollection Dim WebOC As WebBrowser = webDisplay Elems = WebOC.Document.GetElementsByTagName("CLASS") For Each elem As...
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    Question Search website, return text of another webpage

    Thats still great, but i can only get the title and the description of the movie. is there a way to get the class INFO for rating and run time? sorry :P
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    Question Search website, return text of another webpage

    Could you give me a sample, i would only need one because i could alter the code as i need it. I made an app before with this: For Each span As HtmlElement In Me.WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("span") If span.GetAttribute("id").StartsWith("ls_contents-") Then...
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    Question Search website, return text of another webpage

    Wow. thats perfect. thank you so much :) +Rep Except, how could i return the Year, Rating and plot aswell just quickly?
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    Question Search website, return text of another webpage

    Could you please give me an example of how i could use this in my project?
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    Question Search website, return text of another webpage

    I am making an application that will save all the names of the movies in my "movies" folder on my computer. I am able to make a list of all the names quite easily, but how would it be possible for me to search The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for the title of the movie, click on the link of...
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    Question Get Running Applications

    Sorry, it looks like that API can only be used in vb6. But i beleive you could also use the System.Diagnostics namespace, and the getproccesses class. Sub FillListBoxWithProcesses() 'Declares Processes as an array filled with all processes Dim process() As...
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    How can i relate the desktop hwnd to the current foreground window hwnd?

    I am making an app that shows and hides windows via hotkeys, and i have implemented a code to stop the taskbar window getting hidden, and i am trying to get a code to make sure the desktop doesnt get hidden, but the desktop one isnt working, although i got the taskbar one to work. Private...
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    Whats wrong with this code?

    I am making an app that hides and shows the highest window via hotkeys. I am now trying to make a user selected list of hotkeys, so the user can change the hotkeys. I am using this code for the declarations:Imports Microsoft.Win32 Imports System.Diagnostics Imports System.Reflection.Assembly...
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