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    Host Department - Unlimited

    Well bandwidth is to a degree self limiting, mailboxes don't usually take up much room. The thing I'd question is the unlimited HD room, since you could upload huge amounts. I'd defiantly read the fine print before signing up. There probably just relying on people having limited data to upload...
  2. TPM

    dataset into arraylist and qn on selectionlist

    Q1: You'd just loop through the datarows and add each item to the arraylist. If your not using the dataset you could just load the data straight into the arraylist using a datareader (which would be a lot faster). Q2: If dropdownlist1.selectedvalue = "abc" doesn't work I've got no idea (sorry...
  3. TPM to Conversion

    Yes this can work quite well for smaller apps, two things to note though: 1) The app runs on the client machine, as such the client must have the .net framework installed. 2) As a remote application it will run under restricted security (you won't be able to access the local drives, setup...
  4. TPM

    keeping objects on redrawing

    You could save what's been drawn to a global image and just start your redraw by drawing the image.
  5. TPM

    aspx page won't run

    My apologies to both, I totally missed that. Is the 2000 server a domain controler? You may also be having this issue:
  6. TPM

    Processor ID / other unique values??

    :) Yeah it would, but you'd be surprised how many people actually do read those things.. It could end up giving you a bad reputation.
  7. TPM

    Deleting threads...

    As I said it's not about the post, it's about the image it portrays.
  8. TPM

    Deleting threads...

    That's pretty much irrelevant... Because impressions count! I totally believe it's policy's like this that contributes to the number of one post wonders. Again that's irrelevant, I didn't make this thread looking for praise or a reason.
  9. TPM

    aspx page won't run

    JohnH, Well in Anne Marie's last post it doesn't look like she has created the application, or knows where to...
  10. TPM

    Deleting threads...

    TBH I don't see how it was any less relevent than say 'cable or dsl?'. But that's besides the point anyway, my point is that deleating posts (any) without any notification/reason tends to rub people up the wrong way, and portrays a very unfriendly image of VB.NET forums.
  11. TPM

    Deleting threads...

    Actually, no I don't. It was in no way offencive or otherwise.
  12. TPM

    Deleting threads...

    May I suggest that if a thread is deleated the person who started it should be notified (and given a reason).
  13. TPM

    aspx page won't run

    Did you make your web folder an application? (see attached on where to create one)
  14. TPM

    Framework load on drive D:

    Ah yes I was kinda assuming windows was installed on C....
  15. TPM

    Processor ID / other unique values??

    You really should check the date before posting, this is from 2004! I'd also point out the reason for using some sort of machine ID is to prevent a simple copy, there's programs that can monitor things like the registry for changes so even if you hide the key it'd be easy to find. I'd also...
  16. TPM

    Framework load on drive D:

    AFAK the framework has to be installed on C: under windows/Ms .net/ There maybe a work around, but I've not heard of one. The compact framework is for mobile devices (PDA's and such) and won't work on a computer.
  17. TPM

    Drawind a Calendar control in VB.NET

    Sure it's possible! Just draw the layout you want in the paint event and use hit testing to raise the click events.
  18. TPM

    Binding to remote objects

    Did you make your methods private by accident maybe?
  19. TPM

    Remoting an Image etc

    The way I send images via remoting is to turn them into a byte array and reconstruct them back into an image at the other side.
  20. TPM

    Exceptions from server?

    Events would be cleaner, but might take a bit more work. For functions you could just return an object and then cast it at the client.
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