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  1. NiravVyas

    Office Integation with my app.

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a application where I will need extensive use of word documents integrated with the application,meaning will need to open,edit,save,create,delete etc the word files. I just had a thought if I will integrate MS office librbaries I can acheive this task but what...
  2. NiravVyas

    Web Browser Control: Navigate and Set Document Text as well

    HI, In my app I am using a web browser control, I am displaying a list of files that are there in selected Directory, when the file type is of some image I do it as WebBrowser1.Navigate(sFileName), the image is then displayed in the Web Browser Control, when there is Word Doc I had code that...
  3. NiravVyas

    Control the ShowPrintPreviewDialog for Web Browser Control

    HI Experts, I am using a Web Browser Control in my application at many places, also I am using WebBrowser1.ShowPrintPreviewDialog() to preview the content of the WebBrowser, Now the issue is I want the size of Window that opens on WebBrowser1.ShowPrintPreviewDialog() to be exaclt...
  4. NiravVyas

    start or activate other process

    HI..AutomationGuy and Moderators I am having a bit similar task, which I am not able to get thru. I'll explain..I have two apps A and B, B is kind of a reminder application which runs in the background..but that is not important here, thing is when App B is open, it has a button which takes user...
  5. NiravVyas

    Question ProgressBar in Grid

    Hello EveryOne, I am having a pplication, where I need to send EMail to multiple persons one after the other, what I need to show is the Grid which is populated with the PersonName, EMailProgressBar, Status. I am using the DevExpressGrid so I had been able to bind grids with these three items...
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