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  1. kaizen

    Remove Elements from a list

    Hi, I have a List of a custom class (barData) that I need to remove elements form based on a date. The bardata class holds data of stock price information. PriceDate Open High Low Close Volume I have Public QuoteData As New List(Of BarData)() Which then gets loaded with data for each day...
  2. kaizen

    Question SortedDictionary

    I am using a SortedDictionary and have a question about sorting the results on the value rather then the key or a way to get top x results and top x bottom results. The SortedDictionary has a list of stocks as the Key and list of their percent moves over a time period as the value. Is a...
  3. kaizen

    Question Show Check Box in DataGrid

    Hi All. I am using the code below to show the results of a dataset that I want to import in to a database. I want to add a new column (as the first one) that shows a check box. If the check box is ticked then I will import the record if it is not then I wil skip the record. How do i show a...
  4. kaizen

    C# To

    Hi guys, I am trying to convert some C# code into Vb.NEt and it is giving me some hassles. The C# code is below. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using RightEdge.Common; using fxClientAPI; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Threading; [Serializable]...
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