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    Question How to move a picture box according to a result (Calculator)

    Hi, Ive made a calculator that estimates how high a model rocket will go. I was intending on making a simulation that will show you visually how high it will go. (Little rocket image goes up and stops at estimated hight) I know how to make a picture box move and everything, but i can only make...
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    Question Using Mouse overs to view (make visible) text boxes and picture boxes

    Im trying to make a program that allows the user to view additional information via moving the cursor over the label to view (make visble) additional information, in the form of text boxes and/or picture boxes. How will i go about doing this? Thanks
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    Question Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow???

    I had just finished fixing all the bugs and then once I debugged my program i encounted this error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. What am i doing wrong? Imports System.Math Public Class Form1 Dim k As Integer = 1 / 2 * 1.22 * 0.75 * A Dim Cd As Integer = 0.75 Dim p As...
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    Question Declaration expected

    I'm trying to make a calculation app, but the 'Declaration expected' error keeps coming up. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Imports System.Math PublicClass Form1 Dim k AsInteger Dim Cd AsInteger Dim p AsIntegert Dim A AsInteger Dim q AsInteger Dim z AsInteger Dim m AsInteger Dim g AsInteger...
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