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    Errors on database insert - works only sometimes

    I'm working in Visual Studio 2012 and I'm running this code to insert a row into a history database when a field on an page is changed. It seems to work 1 out of every three times I test it without debug on - and has absolutely no problems when running in debug mode (which made me think...
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    Works in debug - not live

    Hi, I'm having and issue that my code works perfectly while in debug mode, but does nothing in live. I don't receive any errors - it just doesn't insert the row into the database. -NEVERMIND it needed to add a "Wait" function so the values could catch up.
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    converting and formatting datetime

    Hi, I am very new to programming in visual basic. I'm working on an page and I have a value I'm pulling from a sqlserver database named "LastUpdatedDate" this is coming over as a string which I'm then trying to put into a datetime format so I can run a search for that same time in...
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