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    Question 'Conversion from string to type double is not valid' error!

    I wanna perform a function like this. When you save a record, I need the primary key of that record to be auto-generated (X001). Say, when you create a new record and save it, it should be saved like X002 automatically. So to test this before I implement that on this project I'm working on, I...
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    Question Data loading FROM the grid

    hello everyone, Okay so I have a grid loaded with data. What I wanna do is when you double click on the row header, the data in that row should load into a form with textboxes. I've chosen the RowHeaderMouseDoubleClick as the evnt for this but dunno how to start. a little help with some example...
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    Question Textbox validation

    hello, I need some suggestions on this one. Is there any way to validate textboxes?? Like for some, you can only insert numeric characters, for others only alphabetical characters? And I wanna validate em at da keypress event. I know how to do it using coding on ASCII keys. But can anyone give...
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    Question Visual Basic.NET with SQL help!

    Hello everyone :) Okay, first off I'm kinda new to programming. Still in the learning phase. :) Started by learning some VB.NET. I've been creating this little program. It's a school/institute managment system kind of a thing. not very cool though. hehe.. Anyways, I'm having a little trouble...
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