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    Question How To Load A .swf From Program

    Basically what I want is for the program to have an extension/directory called "Flash" and then when you click button one for example it will get that file. Anyone know how to do this and make it work? I have the following code: AxShockwaveFlash1.Movie = "/flash/flash.swf"
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    Available Looking For Small Scale Company To Help(free)

    Information: My name is Frolt Entertainment and if we do go farther into details you will find my real name eventually. I would happily code for a small scale company and I really am serious about doing this for free. I need to gain some experience and I just overall want to help. I am not a...
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    Question Replace IRC Text

    What I want to do is make similes. For example when a person enters in a :), I want it do do :). And I need the similes to load from the resources. Any way possible?
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    Question Visual Basic 2008 SMTP Question

    I am useing Google SMTP and I want my program for example to say when you get a new message in your inbox. What I am going to do is make the program play a sound when you get a new message in your inbox. Dose anyone know how to make that work?
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    Question Quick Question Code Needed

    I am making a code generator and I have ran into several problems. First problem: TextBox21.Text = "new RSTile(" & TextBox1.Text & "," & TextBox20.Text ")," That last part in the code the ")," Part that gives me an error. Second problem. This is going to have many of these boxes but how do I...
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    Question SMTP Recieve Mail sound?

    Could you possibly make a code where you will hear a beep or something when you receive mail?
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    Question String Repeat Process

    Here is my string: (not real just made up) Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load WebBrowser1.Hide() End Sub Now if I want to repeat that string the ammount of times I say in TextBox1, how do I code that with that...
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    Question Advaced SMS Program Problems

    SMS Bomber Program: This program is going to be used to send text(sms) messages to people. I have it set right now to Google mail smpt. How My Program Works: As you can see you use the check boxes and it adds the "" to the number. As seen below: Now when I plug in a number or...
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    Question Connecting To A Proxy Surfer

    I am trying to make a program that connects to my proxy browser. As you see I need the element #1 to connect to the element #1 on the program. And I need element #2 to connect to element #2 on my program. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?
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    Question Visual Basic e-mail to e-mail (code done 1 problem)

    I am making a program where you can send text messages to people. And as you can see I ran into a problem. I am trying to load everything from text boxes because I want everyone to be able to use it. So dose anyone know how to fix my code? Ordinal Code: mail.From = New...
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    Question Shockwave Flash Object Resource Load

    Hi everyone, I had a gaming website that's runs around all the schools and recently schools have been catching on and they have blocked me website. So I need to make a program on how to make a game(.swf file) load into the Shockwave Flash Object correctly. But the game(.swf file) is in the...
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    Question Timer Program Shutdown

    Alright im trying to make it where in Visual Basic 2008 you click on a box ether 10, 20, or 30. Then that tells a timer that the program needs to turn off in 10, 20, or 30 minutes. What I basically want it to do is, whenever the set amount time is when it goes off it shows form1(login form). I...
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    Question Installing File From Resources

    I am going to be making a program where you can click on the buttons to download a file to the desktop. I will be having .swf files inside the resources and I need them to be downloaded onto the desktop by clicking a button. Dose anyone know the code, I looked on Google but then it just started...
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    Question .SWF File Playing

    I am trying to create a Web Browser for a gameing website I own and I cant seem to play .swf files that are already uploaded to the website. How do I get them to work right?
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    Question Starting A.bat

    I am going to be useing a program to run a .bat file. The file will be located at this location: Now the .bat file I want to activate when I click on a button is at this extension: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So for example this is my program...
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    Question Serch Within (Pictures)

    I currently have a application that is running when I click the buttons. I made a release of this program but a different version a while ago and I have gotten many replies back to me asking me to add new things. First thing they were asking is to have a server button so they can search for what...
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    Question Importing data from .txt (Picutres)

    Ok I am still new to the Visual Basic community and I really only make web browsers. But if someone can teach me this then I will be able to make a lot more of what people ask me to make. And I made sure to explain it will so I could get the most efferent answer. So here is my application. If...
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    Question Simple Login System (Pictures)

    Thanks For Looking: Alright well what im trying to do is make a simple login form. Where there is a username and there is a password. There is no multiple accounts just the username and the password. Thats all. The username is going to be "student" and the password is going to be "random1". But...
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    Question Visual Basic Word Help

    Hello Everyone, I am brand new to these forums and I just joined. Anyway, I have been making some web browsers with Visual Basic and I want to start making word documents with Visual Basic. I’m using version 2005. And I am still a little new to Visual Basic. And If you could I need to know the...
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