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  1. jmcilhinney

    using shared function

    That is a complete non-sequitur. There's no reason to consider system performance when determining whether to declare a method Shared. A Shared member is a member of a type rather than a member of an instance of a type. You should declare a member Shared when it is logical for it to be a...
  2. jmcilhinney

    Binding a TextBlock to a Radio Button

    I've never tried it but, if you have set ElementName to mA_to_PV_Radio_Button then wouldn't Path be just IsChecked?
  3. jmcilhinney

    Question Parsing/Interpreting a small defined set of user commands

    Are you saying that you want a developer to be able to type one of those keywords into the VB code editor and have it replaced with the corresponding code? If so, look into "code snippets" That term has a specific meaning in VS. You can write your own code snippets and have them work much as the...
  4. jmcilhinney

    Need Some Pointers on Performing a Simple Calculation Using a Function in C#

    Firstly, if you really have trolled several forums then it's no wonder you're getting nowhere. Trolling is arguing a position you don't really hold to get a reaction out of someone. Hopefully, you actually meant "trawled". ;) As for the question, the equivalent C# code will be almost exactly...
  5. jmcilhinney

    Question Custom Sync Tool

    You're talking about four separate operations and each one is simple; or simple to find information on, at least. If you want to use data from SQL Server then query SQL Server for the data you want. Simple. If you want to use data from MySQL then query MySQL for the data you want. Simple...
  6. jmcilhinney

    Question How to conflict time?

    Look at your comparison. Of course it doesn't work the way you want because those criteria require that the new interval falls completely within the existing one, rather than just some part of it overlapping. Give some thought to what constitutes the correct criteria to test. Pick up a pen...
  7. jmcilhinney

    how to turn off filter command

    As the name of the method suggests, you call that method whenever you want to set the filter. You need to change the If statements appropriately to use your controls and filter by your columns. If all the filter fields are empty then the Filter property will be set to an empty String.
  8. jmcilhinney

    how to turn off filter command

    Firstly, it is important to understand that there are two ways to filter data: locally and remotely. Filtering locally means retrieving all the data upfront and then using a filter to hide some of it. The initially query will take longer but each subsequent filter will be quicker, plus you...
  9. jmcilhinney

    Problem with visual studio licence

    I may be wrong about this but, if I remember correctly, the free trial of the Professional edition and above of VS 2017 was licensed for 30 days by default and that could be extended for another 120 days or the like by request once that initial period had expired. I would imagine that that is...
  10. jmcilhinney

    Problem with visual studio licence

    What edition of VS 2019 are you using? The Community edition is free and has most of the features of the Professional edition. Do you need anything more than Community?
  11. jmcilhinney

    Populate a ListBox from Access Datafile

    This makes no sense: For i = 0 To Colors.RecordCount - 1 lstColors.Items.Add(Colors.DBDT) Next Colors.DBDT is a table that contains ALL the records. Why would you add that table as a single item and why would you do that once for every record in that table? That's like saying "for as many...
  12. jmcilhinney

    Question Trying to use the INSERT INTO Query Statement

    That is undoubtedly false. The Text property of a TextBox is a String like any other. If what you were doing didn't work it was because you were doing it wrong, not because using a String variable couldn't work. The fact that you were using the Str function is evidence that you were doing bad...
  13. jmcilhinney

    Question Random Binary Matrix

    There is no single line of code for that specifically. It's no surprise that Matlab has dedicated maths functionality that VB.NET doesn't, given that Matlab is a dedicated maths application. If you want a 2D array in VB.NET then create a 2D array. It's easy to find information on doing that...
  14. jmcilhinney

    Question Trying to use the INSERT INTO Query Statement

    You know the maximum length for each of your columns, so check the length of the values you're trying to save to them and that will show which is too big. Of course, as you're using TextBox controls, logic would dictate that you set the MaxLength property of each one so the user simply can't...
  15. jmcilhinney

    Question Use Accounting format in Datagridview

    There would be no inbuilt way to accomplish that with the standard DataGridViewTextBoxCell, as far as I'm aware. If you created a custom cell type then you could draw the text yourself and achieve it.
  16. jmcilhinney

    Get Expiry Date

    Please show all the relevant code as you are executing it. Also, what type of database are you using and what is the data type of the IDExpiry column?
  17. jmcilhinney

    Question Sorting a List in a RichTextBox by the Date Inside

    Why are you using a RichTextBox in the first place? It's not really for displaying lists. It exists for displaying and editing RTF formatted text. Is the user entering text directly into the control? Can they not, for instance, enter the data using a simple TextBox and a DateTimePicker for the...
  18. jmcilhinney

    Answered Please help me understand the following Code Analysis Error

    Looking more closely at your second code snippet, you should be doing that quite differently anyway. To loop through a DataTable and call ExecuteNonQuery for each DataRow makes no sense when you can just pass the DataTable to a call to the Update method of a data adapter and save the lot in one...
  19. jmcilhinney

    Properly Using Dispose

    You should be using Using statements to create those objects and then they will be implicitly disposed at the end of the block.
  20. jmcilhinney

    Answered Please help me understand the following Code Analysis Error

    Read what it says: Do any of the variables come from user input? If not, there's nothing to worry about. If so, it tells you what to do about it. The point is, it's trying to avoid, among other things, SQL injection. If you don't know what that is, you should look it up.
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