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    Missing image data?

    Hi, for some reason the code that used to work no longer does! The only difference is that I started the app in 2005 but have now installed and converted it to 2008. Even if I open 2005 the old project no longer works! I have a .mdf file that has a table with a column of type image. When I...
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    Group headaches!

    I was under the impression that if you had a group heading and group footer then any totaling performed in the group footer would be on the data returned for each group? I have a group by date and it lists all the money values etc for that date in the detail and then I do some summing in the...
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    Changing the MonthCalendar size

    Hi, is it possible to change the size of the MonthCalendar to say double its standard size and still only display a single month? When I resize using clientsize, width and height the multiple months are displayed? Thanks
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    UserControl click event

    Hi, I have just created my first usercontrol and added to the toolbox and then dragged to my form. When I click on the various buttons in the usercontrol the code runs as expected that is embedded in the control itself. However when I try to get the value from the control via its click event...
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    Microsoft Platform SDK

    Hi, I am reading documentation which says I need to make use of the MS Platform SDK and it details stuff in C++. If I am writing a program in VB.NET can I make use of the C++ stuff via the SDK? I am in the dark on this one so any help gratefully received! I am currently downloading...
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    Custom Width

    Hi, Is it not possible in Crystal Reports to drag the page width to the required width in the same way one does this in Access report design? Thanks
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    where does the time go?

    private d as datetime d = tran_date = d Re the above I see the date and time in d. I have the field in the .mdf set to datetime, but when I save d to the field all that gets saved is the date. The time portion is lost. Have I missed the bleedin obvious?
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    Odd behaviour with .Select

    HI, I have a field in my table as nvarchar(50) and have also tried varchar(50) If I set n below to a numerical value only the .select line below works and successfully finds the record with the tranid However as soon as I try to append "NQT1" onto the beginning of n the select line errors...
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    Huge random numbers

    Hi, is it posible to generate a random number something like between 1 and 1,000,000,000 I'm generating a unique booking reference but need a lot so the range needs to be very big!
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    Problem importing excel field with mixed data?

    I have a spreadheet that has a column that is formatted by default to General and contains alpha numeric data. 1008 1008G 1008H etc. When I open the spreadsheet any field in the coumn that is purely numeric is right justified by default and the alpha numeric ones are left justified. When I...
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    Gurus may I pick your brains re Excel

    I am currently in full flow writng applications in VB.NET 2005 and therefore may be getting blinded by all the tress re choice of devlopment application. We have a need to merge data from 3/4 spreadsheets into one which will give all the required infomration, calculations etc ready for the...
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    Value does not evaluate to a boolen term

    I have a loop which contains this code: Dim dr() = Me.OuwDataSet1.addresses.Select(ro.advice_no, "advice_no") the first time thru it works without any problem and all my subsequent code works a treat. However upon the next iteration I get an error stating that the value contained in...
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    Reading a table in a word document

    Can anyone point me to a good source of help to show how I can access/import a word table into a sql server express database? I can create the word application and open the required document but I cannot see how I can access the table or its individual cells? Thanks
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    Allowing user access to SQL Express server

    I have now succefully setup SQL Server Express on an Admin PC in my office and can see it and connect to it easily from my PC using my NT logon. My application is complete and runs a treat for me connecting to the server from my PC. I have now deployed the application using ClickOnce and it...
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    The breakpoint will not currently be hit

    I have opened my application in the IDE and placed a breakpoint in a place that I have done so in the past. When I run the app the breakpoint marker changes to a yellow exclamation mark that I have not seen before? When I hover over it I get this text: "The breakpoint will not currently be...
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    Updating a row like this possible?

    If I call a tableadapter.fill to populate a dataset table and then amend the data in that table should this way be posible? Me.myDataSet.System.Rows(0).item(0) = value When I call the .update followiung this I get the error: 'Update requires a valid UpdateCommand when passed DataRow...
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    Adding an event handler to 3rd party form?

    Is it posible to add an event handler to a from that was designed by a 3rd party? For example a form is supplied call frmThirdPartyForm and on this form is a textbox called UserInput when I do this: dim f as new frmThirdPartyForm is there now a way to add an event handler for f.UserInput?
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    Backup SQL Server Express database

    I have two issues I am trying to address, one of which I have a messy work around for once I have resolved the other! 1. Is it possible to schedule an SQL Server Express server to run a backup out of hours ie no users using the database. 2. I notice that when manually running a backup the...
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    Code signing an application

    I have been looking into creating applications for my own PocketPC/Phone and no one else, just me lil ole me. But from what I gather I have to pay to create a publisher account with some firms like verisign then when my app is ready I have to send it to them to sign it so it can be instlled on...
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    Window, Windows CE 5.0 and Pocket PC

    I am thinking about buying small erm hand held computer? I have no knowledge of these or their OS. I intend to write or install a language translation program, something as seen on BeoLingus to take with me to Gemany. Is Windows CE still applicable or should I be using PocketPC. Also any...
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