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    Calculating driving distance between two post codes (geocoding)

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at various pieces of code and searches for ages now and still cant make head or tails of where to begin with this. I'm need to work out the driving distances between two given postcodes. I dont need the directions themselves, or the map etc just how far some one...
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    Reorder toolstrip items programmatically?

    Hi Guys, I have a tools bar that has regular buttons on, and I have programatically added a datetimepicker. Ive been looking for a fair while now and can find no way to put the move the datetimepicker so that it is the first item on the toolstrip. Does anyone know a way of programatically moving...
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    Question Theater booking system

    Hi, I hope i'm posting in the right place here. I have to create a booking system for a theatre. Most if is is relatively easy stuff - adding peoples details, making sure things aren't double booked, sales etc. The one part I have little idea on is how to create is a visual representaitno fo...
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