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    My Listview controls are resizing themselves

    I am having a time with the listview control. No matter what I have tried to keep the control at a specific height and width, it grows whenever I make a change to the form. How can I ensure that the dimensions of the ListView are locked?
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    User Control Question

    I have a an HTML Button that I have set runat=server. I added this to a user control where this is the only control. I need this button to be visible in some cases and invisible in others. How can I add this to the user control so that I can set the visibility from the parent forms code behind...
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    Writing to File

    I have a VB.NET Win App that I want to use to extract data from SQL and write to a file on the users machine in their "My Documents" folder. 1. Can I use Windows Authentication info to create the path to where this file will be saved? 2. Has anyone seen a good example of a StringBuilder class...
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    OOP Question

    Hello, The scenario: I have a MainForm that will house several other forms. E.g. Store, Survey, User, etc. What I want to do is open the Survey form, perform some actions, and then move to the Store form using Alt+2. Pressing Alt+2 will perform a Save on Survey and then open the Store form with...
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    Odd Character

    Hello, A strange character is returned when Alt+NumPad1 is clicked in my VB.NET Windows Application. Has anyone else come across this? If so could you help me understand why and/or how to stop it from happening? Thank you, Anthony
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    Access Front End on ASP.NET

    Is there a way to display an Access frontend application on an ASP.NET webform that uses a SQL 2000 backend? Thank you, Anthony
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    Sending DataSet from SQL to VB.NET Win App

    I have a SQL table that contains around 250,000 records. My application needs to get this data quickly without hesitation from the users perspective. I have set up a few indexes and I still need to set the tables Primary Key. The .NET calls a stored procedure that returns the data in a DataSet...
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    Using Alt+# Keys in VB.NET Win Forms

    I would like to use Alt + # combinations to perform data actions and opening windows from a child form that open in the parent form. Could someone please give me some help? Thank you, Anthony
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