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    Toolbar problems

    Hi.... I have a problem with the toolbar control. I have a toolbar with 8 buttons placed on a form. I have then added some code to react to the ToolBar_ButtonClick event. This works for the most fine, but if I show a messagebox during the form_load event, it seems to disable the...
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    Can't catch the Button_Click Event

    Hi..... I have a small problem with a toolbar control that I have in my application. It seems that I sometimes can't catch the button_click events, other times I can. I am able to press the buttons, but nothing happens in the button_clicked event handler. Is it possible that I set a property...
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    Communication between Apps

    Hello everyone..... Does anyone know if it is possible to have one application responding to events raised in another application? Hope you can help me Kasper
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    Ctchin custom events from a Win service

    Hi Is it possible to create a win service that raises events, that other applications can catch and react on? Hope someone can help me Kasper
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