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    retrieving blobs

    cjard... thanks for the lengthy discussion... it really helped me.. i got to save pdf's and documents... i used a different approach though in retrieval... unlike the one you mentioned... i did not make any installments... i directly wrote the data into the file... also.. as you suggested i used...
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    retrieving blobs

    i have successfully saved the clob... retrieval is the problem... i used the commandline to insert it in the database.. but when you try retrieving it. well the bottomline is i really have no clue how to retirve it properly.. so i tried using a select statement and getting the byte size then...
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    retrieving blobs

    darn... i found a clob code from the ibm website.. its ok... but the thing is it just lets me view the file as string... so all i could do was load it in a textbox and browse through it.. although one can edit it.. it only covers the text part of the document... so charts, tables and the likes...
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    retrieving blobs

    can u give me a sample code maybe it'll help... thanks...
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    retrieving blobs

    im using DB2 as backend... i had to create a batch file to process the insertion through the command line window.
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    retrieving blobs

    i recently posted a thread about saving documents and pdf's in the database... i have solved that problem as far as documents are concerned anyway(pdf's are still a big mystery to me).. saving was literally a very grueling task.. now my problem is retrieving the data that i saved... and placing...
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    loading word and pdf docs in

    is this still a problem for you? i have the same problem.. though the i'd like to limit the system with just pdf's docs and xls... docs and xls arent a problem.. i kinda have the code already.. the pdf is still a problem for me.. can you help me out.. thanks..
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    database save/load pdf and documents

    actually what i would be trying to do is save a pdf file in the database then retrieve that file and have .net incorporate acrobat or whatever software platform the saved file is in and load it for the user to see... is it possible to do any of the things i listed? i really appreciate the...
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    database save/load pdf and documents

    i have a problem... im trying to save pdf and other documents in the database i dont know if its possible but putting that aside. would it be possible for .net to incorporate acrobat assuming its possible to save the document in the database. in the event of data retrieval would it be do-able...
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    passing sp - parameters in subreports

    nope... been there done that... i even made my parameters name the same.. doesnt help.. no link can be established except for the ordering.. since the sub report resides in the detail section... i use the sub to itemize the summary i made in the main report... so basically the link could only...
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    How can i use Store Procedure in for crystal report

    wat connection are you using? anyways... its used the same way as a table is.. the only drawback is that you are only suppose to use 1 SP for the report... unlike tables...
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    passing sp - parameters in subreports

    im using db2 stored procedure in my report. i also have a subreport which uses a stored procedure both SP's have parameters.. i can't seem to pass the parameters from .net to the subreport.. i cant link the sub report because it doesnt have the fields that i can equate with the parameters. i...
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    multiple report printing

    hi guys, im in a bind.. im trying to print multiple reports in .net using crystal report viewer.. in a single code run... what im trying to say is i encode a certain range of primary keys... say from 1-5 1=rptA, 1=rptB, 1=rptC.. and so on... 1 can be printed properly.. 2-5 doesnt print...
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    Custom Paper size problem

    im deploying a software in which i created a custom paper size for the report... the report works fine in my pc. but when i use the installer on different units the report paper size reverts to a short sized bond paper. i've checked all the bases, i created the paper size on the unit, made sure...
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    running dos command in

    any one out there who knows how to run a dos command using need help fast... kinda stuck in tryign to back up a database using a dos script... please help.. tnx..
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    Suppressing 'Delete' button action on Data Grid

    what do you mean by suppress? can you be more specific?
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    Another Question On Classes

    as you said there are no codes inside the class try creating a sub or a function.. then you'll start seeing things...
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    flexi grid dilema

    im trying to use the ms flexi grid on my application... i already added it to my list of references and components... but whenever i try to place it on the form a message stating "you do not have licence to use this control" pops out... any one out there who knows why? tnx...
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    Client app and server db

    you could also try MySQL... there are a lot of free databases out there...
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    Queries in Crystal Reports

    do you have a primary key on your tables? if you do.. select the 2 tables then link then using the visual linking expert... afterwhich create a parameter with the same data type as the primary key in the client table.. then go to the record selection option equate the parameter with the...
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