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    Question How to dynamically specify addressof by string for AddHanlder on load

    Hi, For a given control I set the AddHandler event for a given control on the Form Load Event. Is it possible to specify the AddressOf Object by a String? Example (simplest form): I have a public function (TestRoutine), a control (Control) and a string (RoutineName = "TESTROUTINE"). The...
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    How to join two tables from two different databases from the same server

    Dear all, I am relatively new to Server and am struggling to find a way of executing a select statement which will allow me to access tables located in different databases. I am under the impression that a connection string can only be referenced to a single database at any one...
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    means of generating reports

    Dear all, I'm new to and am desperately looking for a means of generating reports. Does anyone know if I can build in reporting functionality using crystal reports without having to install the software on those systems using the final product (executable file). Many thanks in advance...
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    Question Me.Controls() - Help with function

    Dear all, I'm trying to write a generic code which would allow me to put a variable into me.Controls(Variable).text to specify the field value. I've tried to explain the problem below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. MJC Background: My form has three fields...
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    Question Formating Text Box

    Dear all, How do I reference to textbox from a Module? I'm trying to write a simple Module that Underlines a text box. In VBA (MS Access) my code looked something like this: Routine: Run_Underline (SendFormName as string, SendFieldName as string)...
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