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    New CD catalog software

    I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but... :p : I have recently begun a VB.Net application project... it goes about a disk scanning and indexing application, something like WhereIsIt. First of all, i can't think about a name for it (all the good ones are taken)...
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    Retrieve stuff from DLL

    I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but... First, I would like to know how to create a DLL which contains a specified image as a resource. Until now, I have used .bmp's and .png's, specifying a path to them. Which takes us to my second problem: how can i retrieve a graphics...
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    TabPage problem in .Net 1.1

    Hi. My problem is, if I use a TabControl with TabPages, and use a manifest to apply the XP Style to the entire application, only the TabControl is rendered properly. The TabPage is shown simply as a rectangle filled with his backcolor. How can I get the TabPage to display just like in, let's...
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    Hi all, i just want to ask if anyone has some ideas (or links) about compression algorhytms (with examples). I have tried to find the source for ZIP, but I can't seem to get to it, although i know it's there.
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    Recording the screen

    HI everyone. My question is: how can I record Everything that's going on on a screen (and save it, for eg, as an mpg, or even separate bitmaps - that doesn't bother me)? I know you have to use a timer for that, but how can I get a "PrintScreen" (for the entire screen or just a specified window)...
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    ALPHA-Channel Problems

    I know I posted more than one question on this issue, but ever-since the 32 bit graphics were invented, it keeps giving me headaches. So here's my latest question: I created a very very simple application, which consists in a translucent form with some text and images on it (labels...
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    Memory issues

    I have to do an app in VB.NEt 2003, which uses a lot of painting. All the graphics are double buffered, and all that sort of stuff. The fact is, when I run the app in 256 MB RAM, it goes great. When I do it in 128, it runs poorly. Just tell me, PLEASE, how to improve my app! The functions are...
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    add an outline to text

    all my question is contained in the title: how can i add a black outline to a white text? please note the back of the text is blue
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    Problem with cursor display

    Ok, now that all my other problems are over, I have one last question. I created a nice looking cursor in Aha-Soft's ArtCursor application, with Alpha_blends and shadows and everything. I tried to set it (first in Design mode, then programmatically) as a form's cursor, but VB doesn't...
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    Problem with memory usage

    i'm currently designing an application using and gdi+ and i make lots of use of the DoubleBuffer setting. The fact is, i need a way to keep the good things about DoubleBuffer, but make good use of memory ('cause the target machine only has 64MB RAM. Help please...
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    problem with paint method of form

    Ok, I know this isn't the place to post this, but it's a graphics problem, so... I tried to use the following code to fade a form, after setting it's opacity to 0: Dim i as double=0.0 For i=0 To 1 Step 0.01 Me.Opacity=Me.Opacity+i Threading.Thread.Sleep(10) Next i And all I get is a...
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    glow effect to a form using GDI+

    Hi everyone. My question is: how can you add a glow effect to a form using GDI+? I mean, something similar to Adobe Acrobat's Splash Screen? Using a png seems to work, but only until the form is repainted (eg: when i move the form). And another one: I tried creating a control that inherits from...
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    Paint the Label control

    Hi. I tried to display a 2-color gradient on a label, but I got into problems. I used GDI+ and the Paint event of that label, and the gradient wasn't displayed correctly. Sometimes it was hiding the center and displaying the backcolor, or it showed only certain regions regions. The fact is, I...
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