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    Toolbar problems

    Hi.... I have a problem with the toolbar control. I have a toolbar with 8 buttons placed on a form. I have then added some code to react to the ToolBar_ButtonClick event. This works for the most fine, but if I show a messagebox during the form_load event, it seems to disable the...
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    Can't catch the Button_Click Event

    The problem is not the logic whitin the Sub routine (even though I see your point with using the index instead of the tooltip to figure out which of the buttons that where pressed). The problem is, that the entire Sub routine is not being called when I press any buttons in the toolbar. If I...
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    Can't catch the Button_Click Event

    Thanks for the reply JuggaloBrotha. I am using the code you are suggesting to handle the click event. I have just pated the first part of the code below. 'Toolbars Private Sub Toolbar_ButtonClick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ToolBarButtonClickEventArgs)...
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    Can't catch the Button_Click Event

    Hi..... I have a small problem with a toolbar control that I have in my application. It seems that I sometimes can't catch the button_click events, other times I can. I am able to press the buttons, but nothing happens in the button_clicked event handler. Is it possible that I set a property...
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    Communication between Apps

    Hello everyone..... Does anyone know if it is possible to have one application responding to events raised in another application? Hope you can help me Kasper
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    Ctchin custom events from a Win service

    Hi Is it possible to create a win service that raises events, that other applications can catch and react on? Hope someone can help me Kasper
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