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  1. vicdeveloper

    Question Deleting Items from ListView

    Hello, I want to know how can I delete duplicates items from a listview. I hope anyone helps me, See ya,
  2. vicdeveloper

    Question Create, Resize and Modify a MDI Form

    Hello, Im working on a POS project for learning and studying purpose, and I want to know how can I create a MDI form and all of controls inside can resize as well as I need. For example: Starts the MDIform in a Window Default State and Position, and if I minimize it all controls inside my...
  3. vicdeveloper

    Question Consuming WS in VB Desktop App

    Hello, I want to know if is possible consume a Web Server using VBNET in a desktop application and if is possible provide me the links or resources of how can I do it and how to create a Web Service too. The thing is that Im making a desktop pos app, and I want to have a cloud database and...
  4. vicdeveloper

    Question Printing Windows Form as a Receipt

    Hello Community, I want to create a custom receipt for a pos application that Im actually making, but, I dont want to use ReportViewer or CrystalReport to do this task. (please see the attached image). See ya,
  5. vicdeveloper

    Question Accesing a Fn Keys

    Hello, I want to know how can I make an option to use F1 or Fn keys when my form loads. I guess that it need to be related with KeyDown or KeyPress Events, but, I dont know how to do it. The things that I want to do with this is, call a form or function when Fn key is pressed. See ya,
  6. vicdeveloper

    Question CRUD and ListView control

    Hello community, I want to know how can I create a complete-fully crud operations using MySQL as a database and show/populate data in a ListView control. Also, in the process, connect to the database using a module with or ODBC. Please, Im a new on this kind of topics and currently...
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