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    Deploying Web Application

    Hi, I tried publishing my website via the publish option when I right click my web app, it only created the PrecompiledWeb folder... And i dont know what it does, it just contained my files and a new dll file. What is this for?? Anyway, I also tried doing the Web application setup but there was...
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    Publish Crystal Report?

    Hi, I need your help. I'm trying to publish my application using the Publish tab from the Solution Explorer > Properties.. It produced the exe file and everything, and when i tried to install it in another PC, the error shows: The type initializer for...
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    How to remove "Database Login" in crystal report

    Hello, Everytime I view my crystal report, a "Database Login" prompts me. How do i get rid of this? I did the CrystalReport via the Wizard, so my code snippet is just like this: Dim report as new ReportsViewer 'the form that contains the crystal report viewer Dim cr as new ClientInfoReport...
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    Open external application with "Open With"

    Hello, I would like to know how to run an external application in VB .net without knowing its process name (e.g winword.exe). The user will just pick the file to be opened, for example, the file to be opened is C:\somefile.swf, then the popup window in Windows will appear (the "Open with.."...
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    Install a program that uses database (mySQL)

    Hi, I would like to create an .exe file that will install my VB .Net application but it uses mySQL database and i also need that to be included in the installation. I dont know how to do this, can anyone help please? I dont know if it will work since you need to add it to the ODBC.. Thanks
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    Question Where can I get charts for my application?

    Hi, i need charts for my application, anyone know where i can get them? thanks!
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    Question Graphs/Charts ?

    Hi, Is it possible to have a chart/graph in your VB .Net application without having to export/import from Excel? (i.e. generate own graph and show it in the application itself). Thank you!
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