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    Using reflection in Windows form to get values

    Dear ALL, I have the following class: I am able to get all the public fields inside class speed using the following code: For Each rField As FieldInfo In _axes.ctrl(j).spd.GetType().GetFields(BindingFlags.Public Or BindingFlags.Instance) Dim iType As Double...
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    Question Populating combobox with class names

    Dear All, I have the following class structure Public Class Controller Public Class Pos <Fields> End Class Public class Spd <Fields> End Class End Class I want to create a combobox that displays the classes inside my controller class. Is using...
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    Question Radio button selection from groupbox

    Great, Thanks a lot!!!!
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    Question Radio button selection from groupbox

    Dear All, I have a group of radio buttons inside a Groupbox and would like to get a feedback as to which radio button is selected when the user clicks on any one of them. Regards
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    Integer and String pairing

    Doug, This is the format: "29200: The axis object is invalid". It starts from 29200 and ends at 29499. So if the software reads 29200 then I want to link this integer to the string "The axis object is invalid". And there are approx 500 of these integers with different string messages.
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    Integer and String pairing

    Dear Reader, I have a list of integer from 20000 to 30000 and each of the integers have a string message associated. How do I pair or extract string for the corresponding integer value?
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    Formatting date time to print

    I have a listview that displays date and time from a range that is set from combo boxes: "Start Date" and "End Date". Then I am printing a block that display Cycle time. This cycle time is coming from "Start Date" and "End Date". I want to change the format of the item displayed in list view...
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