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    Resolved Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string

    Okay, not sure if right part of forum to ask the question, but this one is stumping me, and some direction is needed......... On my computer which has visual studio installed, when I click on the save form button, it reports job saved. However on all the other computers in the office, when...
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    Question Idea on how to gice a drilldown capability

    Hi all again, I have a system I am designing, that is a project / job management system. So I have a job list, and a job by client, and a jobs by owner, and a jobs by vehicle, and a jobs by employee form, which all display the job details in a datagridview. What I am trying to figure out is...
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    Question Help with SQL Query to return NULL fields

    HI all, I have a datagridview, that I have a search capability on. The searching allows for the filtering of the datagridview. One of the columns in the table has NULL values in the field, which is totally allowable. However when I search, with this field in play, the search results exclude...
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    Really confused...trying to access data in a bound datasource

    The code below is part of a tab page form, they is used on event tabpage_enter Me.taChassis.Fill(Me.DsTTDJobs.chassis) bsChassis.Filter = "Chassis_Job_number = " & intchassisjobno & "" If txtchassiscerttype.Text = "LT400" Then rbChassisLT400.Checked = True Else...
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    Making an txtbox.text blank freezes program

    Hi all, again... I have an interesting one (well I think it is interesting). I have a form with a binding source on it. If I change one of the bound fields which is an integer - to have a value of blank, through the use of a textbox then the program stops working. If I change a text field...
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    Datagridview / SQL / Saving data

    VS 2015, SQL 2008 Okay, have been trying to get my head around this one for a day or so now, and have searched extensively but to no avail...... I have a SQL view (2 tables into 1), for a datagridview. I am using datasource, and databindings instead of SQL code to populate the datagrid. How...
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