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    Question VB6.0 conversion code gives error in VB.Net 2010

    Hello, i have a decalre statement in vb6.0 Dim mydrvlabel As String * 256 when i declare same thing here it gives error. Can you please tell what is equivalent declaration in 2010 . Thanks
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    Question Display Random numbers

    I have 8 buttons it should display each button with any value from 1 to 8 After selecting any one button again the button should display random value from 1 ot 8. Help me in this regards Thank you.
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    Question DrawLines using Points.Toarray

    Hello All, I get the mouse move points (locations where I move the mouse get the x,y points). I able to store the locations in array using List(Of Point) {Points.Add(e.Location) } Now I want to DrawLines of mouse move by clicking DrawButton. e.Graphics.DrawLines(blackPen, Points.ToArray)...
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    Question store location value (x,y) in array

    I am getting the location value by moving mouse. Now I want to store that location value. Then Draw the line as i moved the mouse. Thanks in Advance.
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    Question Page problem in accessing from other PC

    I have an project both in .net 2005 and 2008. It is working fine in my PC and page is opening from browser but not from other PC. I can able to connect the other pc's,ping it sure there is no connection problem with pc. I think should be in IIS or sharing from my PC. I need both in...
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    Question Acces connection error in Windows 7

    Hi Everybody ,I created an Application with microsoft visual studio 2008 and Access 2003 as Database. The application work fine in XP O/s but when i run the application in Windows 7 it gives error when connecting to Database. It works fine when i create an new Access 2003 database in...
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