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    Strange XML TextWriter issue

    Hello, I am using XMLTextWriter class to create XML files. It is working great, but I seem to have one problem that can't figure out. The project calls for creating different files based on customer data. Individually they work fine, but when I put them in a loop, the first file is generated...
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    How to write this using XML TextWriter

    Hello, Can someone please tell me how I can write this using XML TextWriter. <Department ID="1">CS</Department> Basically, the element has an atribute and a value. Thanks in advance. Bilal
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    Couple of XML Issues, Please Help..........

    Hello All, I am using the XMLTextWriter to create a XML file for a client. The data is coming from the database for the file. I have couple of issues that I need to resolve, but not sure how to do that. 1. If the field has no data the XMLTextWriter will write the element as <Name /> instead...
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    How to check for selected row in ListView

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how I can check which row was clicked in a listview control. I am trying to read in subitems in row, but can't seem to read it in for a particular row. I can loop through the entire control and check for a subitem value, but can't do it for the row that was...
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    Removing rows from a datagrid

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a way to delete/remove a row from the datagrid control which is boud to a dataset which consists of a datatable. There is not db involved here at this point. I am creating the datatable and then populating the grid from it. I can read the row and do...
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    Problem using combobox with tab control

    Hello, I am using a tab control with two tabs (Tab1, Tab2) and a combobox (Combobox1, Combobox2) on each tab. Both of the comboboxes are populated with identical values from the DB. On Tab1 if I select somthing from the combobox1, it should also be selected from the combobox2 on...
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    How to check for windows version?

    Hello, Can anyone please tell me how to tell what version of windows (98/2000/XP etc) I am running using VB.Net. Thanks for your help!
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    Can't read Web.Config

    Hello, I have a VB.Net app that calls into the web service. The web service has some configuration setting in it that I need to read, and I use the following code to read the custom configurations....... Dim config As Specialized.NameValueCollection =...
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