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    Unable to start/open a web applications project

    Hi All, I have recently formatted my PC at office and have freshly installed Windows 2000 Server and on it Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect, IIS was installed prior to installing VS.NET. Now when I try to create a new web applications project or a new web services project I am...
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    EventLog.Clear() fails raising Access is Denied

    Hi, My project requirement says that I have to write certain entries to EventLog and if the EventLog is full I have to clear it off. Now while I am trying to call objEventLog.Clear() I am receiving following exception: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Access is denied at...
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    Clearing off Evelt Logs programmatically on Windows 2003

    Hi All, Can anybody tell / enquire as to what rights/privileges does user 'NETWORK SERVICE' require (on Windows 2003 server) for clearing off the Event Logs programmatically. Actually my requirement is to clear off the event logs programmatically which is happening on Windows XP but the same...
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    Setting the focus to a control from the DataGrid

    Hi All, My current project has a requirement according to which focus should not traverse within the datagrid, if the datagrid gets clicked by mouse and then on pressing tab focus should go onto the next control. But this is not happening, I have set the DataGrid as read-only and its tab stop is...
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    Is it possible to handle Stackoverflowexception, if yes how.... Awaiting replies... Rohit Saksena
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    URGENT : Sorting a DataSet

    Hi All, I am in trouble and would like to get your help. Actually for my project I have to write a member function of a class, to this function an integer value will be passed which will act as a position in a dataset. This dataset is a member of the same class for which I am writing the...
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    Charactercasing in Combo Box

    Hi All, Can somebody help me in charactercasing of the combo box. Actually my objective is to change the case of any valid entry in the combo box to upper case as and when it gets entered. Is there any property/trick that is to be used for this mind you in text boxes CharacterCasing property...
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    ResX file

    Hi All, With every form there is an ResX file, whats this for. And will it affect the execution of my code if I remove it. Awaiting replies Thanks & Regards Rohit Saksena
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    Multidimensional Arrays in WebService

    Is it possible to use a multi dimensional array in a web service, if yes can anybody tell how? Awaiting replies Rohit Saksena
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    Type info in ADO.NET

    Hi All, Is it possible for somebody to tell how to fetch the exact datatype of a column of a table in SQL Server 2000 into VB.NET. For Eg. a particular column is of type varchar in SQL Server and the type I am getting using ADO.NET is string. Kindly help me in this regard. Rohit Saksena
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    Control Arrays

    Hi All, I am working on a VB6 to VB.NET migration project. The project in VB6 used control arrays extensively and as control arrays are not supported in VB.NET all those control arrays were hard coded like _Label_0. Can I get any help as to how to get that functionality of control arrays...
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