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    Would you agree with this statement?

    I would agree that studying other's code and incorporating their methodologies in your own efforst is acceptable and a viable learning tool; I study other's code all the time and have increased by knowledge and understanding from it. Where I have a problem is with the statements, "being a good...
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    Would you agree with this statement?

    "Part of being a good programmer is being a good thief. Stealing this code will save you a lot of programming time." This author is referring to a piece of code contained on the CD that came with the book I'm reading. Now, however, I'm questioning the integrity of the content of the book and...
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    VS2003 Vs VS2005

    I have had the opportunity to work with and develop in VS2K5 for a few months now and found it to be a good upgrade (down from "great" but up from "poor") - i'll suffix that by saying I still do all my production work using VS2k3 though. There are a number of new features that are attractive...
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    Detecting clicking on the "X" closedown

    if you typed in this form_closing(...) event yourself rather than select it from the object and event drop downs, you'll get the error you're getting - can't be found..... why? because the form_closing() event hasn't been registered under your region section. open this up and see if the event is...
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    Comms between Apps

    I'm not sure of what network so you'll have to work on the permission settings for your network, but it would seem to me that the easiest way to resolve the issue of whether the user is logged on or not is to set permissions on the application to the users who are authorized execute priviledge...
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    Detecting clicking on the "X" closedown

    form_closing(....) event
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    Uploading an Image to Access

    There are a number of good examples on the internet and the one presented here will work. However, I have found it a lot easier to simply store a path name as to where on the disk the image can be found in a DB field rather than storing the image. First, the read is a lot faster. Two, the...
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