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  1. ayozzhero

    Disabling Printing Status Message/Form

    I am using Printing.PrintDocument. Whenever I call the Print method, there will be a status form popping automatically. Can I disable this, or prevent this from happening?
  2. ayozzhero

    There is no source code available for the current location

    I suddenly got this message: There is no source code available for the current location when I run my application under debug mode. However, when I run the released .exe, it runs smoothly. The error occured even for something like Dim abc as String Thank you in advanced for any idea and...
  3. ayozzhero

    Adding a Treeview Node to a Specific Node

    Let's say I've loaded a treeview like this: - A |-A1 |-A11 |-A12 |-A2 |-A3 Let's say I want to add a child to A11. I can do it by: nodes(0).nodes(0).nodes(0).add("text"). I've tried to make it simpler by doing something like: Dim tNode as New Treenode tNode =...
  4. ayozzhero

    Connect to MySQL through SSH

    Is there a pure .Net way to connect to a firewalled database server (in this case, MySQL in Linux, where connection can only be done through Linux socket). What I currently do is to run an intermediary application first, such as Putty or Plink to open up an SSH connection. Thank you.
  5. ayozzhero

    Comparing an array with another array

    Is there in VB .Net a function similar to array_diff in PHP. I am comparing 2 arrays, searching for: 1. Items which exist in array A but not in array B 2. Items which exist in both arrays Thank you.
  6. ayozzhero

    Offensive vs Defensive Programming

    I know the term Defensive Programming, but I do not know what is the Offensive one :( I am not asking which one is better... just wanna know what, coz when I googled, I couldn't find anything. A stupid question it might be, but thank you for replying :D
  7. ayozzhero

    Upgrading to .Net 2.0

    Currently I am using Visual Studio 2003 with .Net Framework 1.1. I want to shift to .Net Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. Is there any precautions that I should take note before shifting? Thank you for your opinion and experience sharing.
  8. ayozzhero

    Dongle Protection

    To combat software piracy, I've decided to try dongle protection. I've bought the trial kit and found out no source code given but the API. Using API is ok, but what comes to my mind is... the API can be easily replaced by a fake API. For example, let's say the API is called dongle.dll. And...
  9. ayozzhero

    Garbage Collector

    I read a few article suggesting the use of var = Nothing when the variable is no longer needed. What about in cases like this: Private Sub Temp() Dim myString As String For i As Integer = 0 To 10 myString = i Next myString = Nothing End Sub To be clear, I am confused whether to call the...
  10. ayozzhero

    From String to StringBuilder

    I am new to StringBuilder. Commonly, I would write my code like this: Dim myString As String For i As Integer = 0 To 10 myString = i 'some other codes go here Next But if I want to change MyString to StringBuilder, how should the code myString = i be? Thanks for helping.
  11. ayozzhero

    Avoiding EXIT Statement

    I learned that using EXIT statement is best to be avoided. However, I do not see the way how it should be implemented without putting so many codes to replace the EXIT statement. Given a very simple example for a save button procedure: if user types nothing notify user that nothing is...
  12. ayozzhero

    Accurate Printing in .Net

    I am trying to print "Hello World" on an A4 paper. I need it to be 1 inch from both top and left side of the A4 paper (e.g: x=100, y=100). I manages to do that on my printer. The problem is, on another printer (different brands mostly) there is a few milimiters difference, which is not...
  13. ayozzhero

    Registry: Allowing Access For All Users

    I developed an application that needs a user to log in as Administrator to install, since it will install MDAC and .Net Framework 1.1. Every time it runs, the app will check for registry under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/MyCompany/MyApp On certain PC, users are not Admin. The problem is, if a...
  14. ayozzhero

    Differentiating Debug or Release

    Is there anyway to detect during runtime whether the app is running under Debug mode or Release mode? My actual problem is, I create one or two test button on a form. I want the buttons to appear when I run the app in Debug mode (on other words, when I click Run/Play button in VB .Net) and...
  15. ayozzhero

    Catch Exceptions Globally and Resume

    To catch any errors in my app which is not within the Try...Catch...End Try block, I put this in the Sub Main: AddHandler Application.ThreadException, AddressOf OnThreadException which redirects the error to: Private Sub OnThreadException(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As...
  16. ayozzhero

    DLL Directory/ Folder

    I just learned to create DLL. When I add the DLL as reference to my new project, the DLL is copied to the application directory (bin). Let's say, I want to put all DLLs (for the project) in one specific directory instead of the application directory, how would I do that? Any help, idea or...
  17. ayozzhero

    Changing XML Values

    Let's say this is the XML file: I know how to read XML file. But how to change the <DefaultFont> value, for example from Arial to Times New Roman? And howto change the <Brand Name="Epson"> to <Brand Name="HP">? I have another problem with XML, but I will do it in another thread later. Thank...
  18. ayozzhero

    Datagrid: Overload Function

    I found this code for ASP .Net but I can't implement it in VB: I cannot find the equivalent one in System.Windows.Forms... I am trying to find a function to prevent sorting on certain colummn only. i.e the first column where it is numbered as row numbers. Thanks.
  19. ayozzhero

    Datagrid: Row Highlight

    [Resolved] Datagrid: Row Highlight I am setting the datagrid RowHeadersVisible to False, and ReadOnly to True Whenever user clicks any cell in the datagrid, how do I highlight the whole row, or change the background colour of the whole row? Thank you.
  20. ayozzhero

    One Application, One Location and a Few Programmers...

    This is not about programming actually. It is about how a group of programmers work together to build an application. In my environment, task or modules or forms are distributed between programmers to complete an application. The big problem is, it is very hard to control them. Currently, every...
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