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  1. damxuanthai

    Question Window form & web service

    Hi all Prof. Today I have a problem on Web service that I can not find the way to get out. The Problem is I made a webservice and put it on my host "" In which, I have a webmethod to select and return a datashet from one database mdb file...
  2. damxuanthai

    get version of Framework?

    Hi all. My teacher send me a pratice, one of his question is "My program can get the version of Framework installed in User computer"... I find alot but I can not do it. coz I am new bie in Someone have experiences plz tell me How to solve it? Thank alots.
  3. damxuanthai

    RSS feed? help me plz

    Hi all Prof I have made a RSS file for my website project, and tested, it run well (using VWD2008) in local host: http://localhost:59334/v4.0/RSS/News.rss I host it to server at : Open this link on IE7, it show the Error: The requested document was...
  4. damxuanthai

    Can I define datatable in

    Hi all prof I have learn for serveral months. I have build some small tools (WIN form) for my work. Now I have a website (hosting 2.0) and I want to share some tools as Online tool run on mysite. I think code in and VSWD is the same. But I have some problems. I can not...
  5. damxuanthai

    Can connect to database on Net? I need help.

    Hi all Profs. I have a question. I have got a website, and store a access database in hosting. (example: Now I make a appication (Window form), and I wish it could read and write data to the database above. I have known that, it can use Oledb to...
  6. damxuanthai

    Look like Yahoo! How do I do?

    Hi all pro. I make a program in Visual studio 2005, and I really want to make a form (like start form for example...) to show some live infomation. I found my idea is same to Yahoo chat program. in the it's start form and the main form, it can show some live information and live images. (Im...
  7. damxuanthai

    What can I do to detach a database from code?

    Hi Every body. Someone can help me: What can I do to detach a database from code? I dont know how to build SQL connection string. :confused: i am waiting for your help.
  8. damxuanthai

    Crystal Report problem. Help me?

    I am using Vb2005, and make a test program to practice CrystalReport. This is Error found: (see the Picture). This Error was occured when I pressed the "Next page" on the Report to access the next page. I don't khow how to solve this thread. Im sure there are two pages in Report. Help me...
  9. damxuanthai

    Step by step to deploy project.

    I have read all threads in this topic (deployment) but I'm still don't know clearly How to deploy a app using SQLdatabase. AnyBody can show me step by step How to deploy. I want to make a msi file to install my app in other PC Which don't connect to Internet. Thanks alot.
  10. damxuanthai

    Problem with "Setup and deployment" ...Help me!

    Hi all. On the first time to get use, I make a small Dictionary, i also use SQL server and also make a database. In Visual studio, my app run well. Now I practice using addsolution "setup and deployment" (this tool in to my solution to make a setup file (msi). I choose Setup...
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